The Benefits Of Compression Socks

Here at Feet First Clinic, one of the most helpful tools that we have for helping people with tired, achy legs is compression socks. While some folks may be dubious that simply wearing magic socks will make any significant difference, we’re here to tell you: compression socks really work. Compression socks have been around since […]

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Primary Movement Patterns And You

While most human beings share similar attributes – arms, legs, head, etc. – and even though when you’re walking down the street you probably don’t even take the time to distinguish one person from the next, people are all completely unique in a thousand different ways. These differences express themselves through temperament and physicality, determined […]

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FootCare 101: What Is A Chiropodist?

Our feet are pretty amazing structures. With over 52 bones, over 250,000 glands and nerves, they’re certainly a complex parts of our bodies, and so they deserve a dedicated specialist to keep them in peak condition. How exactly do these specialists work? And why might you need to see one? Read on and find out. A chiropodist (pronounced […]

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