Healthy Habits For Runners

Here at Feet First Clinic, we’re always overjoyed when our clients are in good health and enthusiastic about running. Because running is such a high impact activity, when gait problems and aggressive heel striking comes into play, it can cause many problems for the feet, knees and lower back. Furthermore, many people suffer from foot, […]

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5 Ways To Treat Your Feet Right

Get Toenail Fungus Treatments

At our Toronto foot care clinic on the main strip of Bloor West Village, we are constantly encouraging patients to take care of their own feet after they leave a treatment. Because the feet are so far away from the control center of the body, they are often forgotten and neglected until they start causing […]

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Running Season Has Arrived!

Bunion Treatment To Help You Run Better

With warm weather in the air here in Toronto, jogging clubs and lone wolf running enthusiasts have taken to the streets, tracks, paths and ravines all over the city to get their fix of vitamin D and endorphins. At Feet First Clinic, we love to see people enjoying our city’s wonderful parks and getting exercise, […]

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3 Ways To Treat Your Feet Right

On the Feet First Clinic blog this month, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about how great it is to get out during the summer and take an epic walk in the park. If you have a serious foot condition, however, or you need help with an ingrown toenail and haven’t gotten it yet, […]

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