Video Gait Analysis

What Is Video Gait Analysis?

Video Gait Analysis is an in-depth video analysis of your unique running and walking mechanics that is used to highlight biomechanical patterns with angles, measurements, and shapes for precise feedback. Based on this information your Chiropodist will be better able to identify abnormal movement patterns and implement a corrective treatment plan that may include specific stretching and strengthening exercises as well as recommendations on footwear, over–the-counter inserts, and/or custom orthotics.

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What Are The Benefits of Video Gait Analysis?

There are three critical reasons for video analysis:

Firstly, the human eye is unable to process and meaningfully break down rapid motions nor is a treating clinician able to view all joints of the body during one frame of motion. With video motion analysis, we are able to stop your movement at crucial transformational zones which will help us truly understand where your body parts are in space and time.

Secondly, video analysis has been proven to be an invaluable educational tool for you – the patient. Visual confirmation of any inefficiency’s you may sense with your movement or posture will help you understand what you need to do to correct these habits. For example, a golfer who sees his right elbow chicken wing on the downswing will quickly absorb this information and work at correcting this problem during his next round of golf.

Thirdly, video analysis provides us with a more permanent, qualitative, and quantitative record of a client’s movement pattern.

Get your feet assessed and diagnosed by our licensed chiropodist today so we can help you prevent foot problems or treat your foot conditions. If it’s good for your feet, then it’s good for your sole!

So, What Is The Process?

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    Your assessment will begin with a brief walk or jog on a treadmill while our video analysis system records your stride in slow motion.

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    Our chiropodists will review the footage and generate a powerful quantitative analysis of your movement patterns.

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    Using visual data to identify abnormalities, the Feet First Clinic team will prepare a highly personalized corrective treatment plan.

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    Track your progress with video imaging: we’ll provide you with footage of your new movement patterns so you can see your improvement on screen.