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Designed for those who overpronate, Asics offers shoes focusing on stability engineered to provide the right support in the right places. Low arches or flat feet can lead to foot pain and can also make conditions or their symptoms worse such as bunions, hammertoes, and Achilles tendonitis.

Reinforced Heel

A firm heel counter provides better stability and performance by clutching your heel and ankle comfortably. Improving the fit of the shoe, a reinforced heel keeps your feet anchored, preventing slip and reducing the risk of heel injuries.

Arch Support

The Guidance TRUSSIC SYSTEM provides stability to the arch of the foot while working with the midsole to control torsion. This helps to reduce the risks of flat feet and bunions, and to reduce the symptoms or pain associated with these conditions.

Breathable Mesh

The open circular knit of Jacquard mesh provides a breathable foot climate, helping to combat sweaty feet and the foot odour that comes with it. It is important to keep a fresh environment to prevent bacteria from building up, which can put you at risk of infection.


For those who don’t overpronate, Asics offers enhanced cushioning for natural support. Generally lighter to encourage swift movement, specialized cushioned shoes can alleviate foot, heel, ankle, and shin pain caused by a variety of foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis.

Gel Cushioning

Gel cushioning provides a responsive stride and gives optimal shock absorption through heel cushioning. Wearing footwear with proper cushioning helps to relieve some of the pain caused by conditions, such as plantar fasciitis.

Flexible Arch Support

The TRUSSIC SYSTEM in Asics cushioning designed shoes provides enhanced arch support while using lightweight materials to reduce the weight of the shoes and enhance running performance. This can also help to alleviate stress on the lower foot and heel to combat foot and ankle pain.


Lightweight Flytefoam Lyte midsole gives a supportive adaptable fit combining lower density foam with nanofibers to retain structure with added flexibility. This advanced support makes these shoes highly effective for managing heel spurs and helping to alleviate and prevent the pain that comes with it.