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At Feet First Clinic, we believe knowledge is power: Having the tools, information and resources to understand your feet is one of the best ways to keep them healthy and improve your overall well-being. Browse our library of blog articles to learn more about foot health, injury prevention and how you can put your feet first.

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A child with flat feet standing on wooden platform next to the water

Children's foot growth is like a race against time. From wobbly steps to confident kindergarten strides, it’s tough to keep up with your kiddo’s footwear …

Explore the essentials of foot care for winter athletes. Learn tips for boosting performance and preventing injuries during winter sports.

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Black and white photo of two people walking with an emphasis on footwear

It’s no secret that orthopaedic shoes prioritize functionality. However, a common misconception is that orthopaedic …

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Carolina Charles

Patient Relation Coordinator (She/Her)

If you’ve been to the clinic before, chances are you had the pleasure of meeting Carolina! Carolina’s daily goal is going above and beyond to make sure patients are always completely satisfied. Having worked in the podiatry industry for 22 years, Carolina brings a wealth of knowledge pertaining to client service, insurance policies, and procedures.​ She steers the ship to make sure everything runs smoothly on the daily. Carolina is known for spicing up every outfit with her signature costume jewellery.