Spring Sneakers: Stylish Walking Shoes for Spring

Spring has sprung! Time to put away the winter boots and slip into something with a refreshing spring-summer feel. That means finding a lightweight, versatile everyday walking shoe that you can dress up or down while giving your feet the support they need. Spring sneakers are just that!

Sometimes we want a casual shoe with a runner’s comfort, but sleeker and without the focus on athleticism and performance enhancement. (You also shouldn’t wear the same sneakers you work out in for casual usage.) In other words, we need something else that’s stylish, comfy and straightforward that will get us from point A to point B.

Most importantly, your spring footwear should offset foot pain as much as possible and protect your feet from damage and strain.

A perfect solution to your leisurely spring activities, sneakers are versatile and pair nicely with your spring outfits. Spring sneakers are a fashion-forward and more supportive alternative to casual footwear like converse sneakers, ballet flats and dress shoes.

Let’s look at some of the spring sneakers available at Feet First Clinic and the key characteristics that’ll make you fall in love with them!

Ara Fusion

A staple from their athleisure department, the Ara Fusion is one of the best spring sneakers out there for women. It looks like a dressy Nike daybreak sneaker with about ten times the comfort (and sparkle)!

According to the Ara website, the Fusion showcases the several ways the foot finds its fit; upwards, to the sides, diagonally and downwards.

The HiFlex stretchy (and glittery) upper provides an effortless and comfortable fit. Similarly, the Dynergy Sole accommodates varying levels of motion and pressure in the forefoot and heel. The result is long-lasting comfort and a relatively tireless walking experience. Available in navy and iridescent rainbow, these shoes shimmer under the light, so can let your sparkling personality can shine!

Sorel Kinetic Breakthrough Lace 

For the men, Sorel’s Kinetic Breakthrough Lace comes equipped with comfort, style and support. A nice chunky outsole will likely never go out of style and adds a nice amount of height and a natural spring to your step.

The mesh upper offers breathability, a highly favourable feature that prevents your feet from feeling icky while you go about your day in warm weather.

The EVA footbed feature is known for incredible comfort and security. EVA foam is renowned for its durability, water resistance, and resiliency. Furthermore, the footbed is removable, so you can insert your favourite Superfeet insoles or custom orthotics if you need extra support.

The Livelyfoam midsole adds another layer of comfort to your feet. It’s also made with 10% Bloom, a cutting-edge material containing algae that reduces pollution. Pretty cool!

Lastly, the outsole offers a solid amount of traction. This can be very useful whenever you get caught in those unpredictable Toronto spring rainfalls.

Sorel Kinetic Impact Lace

An uber-trendy sneaker that comes in various colour combinations, the Sorel Kinetic Impact Lace for women is perfect for your daily grind.

It’s quite similar to the Kinetic Breakthrough for men. The footbed consists of the ultra-comfy EVA foam, the Livelyfoam midsole with 10% Bloom, and the breathable air mesh upper. 

It also has the molded high-traction rubber outsole for gripping the pavement and preventing slips and slides. 

Clarks Aceley Lace

Many podiatrists note that converse and Chuck Taylor style sneakers don’t offer much support, shock absorption or stability. Luckily, you can love the style of these sneakers without giving up comfort. That’s where the Clarks Aceley Lace comes into the picture.

Thanks to the suede and leather uppers, this eco-friendly women’s sneaker from Clarks is breathable. It’s also incredibly lightweight, perfect for fluctuating spring temperatures and keeping your feet from feeling constricted. 

The padded corners of the Aceley Lace add extra softness and comforts for your ankles, and the vulcanized rubber outsole provides a good amount of shock absorption for when you’re pounding the pavement. This is essential for a good shoe; shock absorption protects your joints and muscles from sustaining damage and strain and helps prevent many foot conditions.

Clarks UN Rio Tie 

Another excellent spring sneaker is the UN Rio Tie from Clarks. They have the style of a trendy, casual shoe with the added bonus of making you feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

It’s a prime choice for practical footwear with the leather lining and sock, which keeps your feet fresh and adds extra comfort.

For additional moisture wicking on the warmer spring days, the UN Rio Tie comes with Ortholite® technology in the footbed. This technology, made from specially constructed layers of EVA foam, makes these sneakers super soft and cushioned for guaranteed comfort. Combined with the natural shock absorption properties of EVA, the UN Rio Tie lets you walk for a long time without feeling fatigued.

ASICS Versablast 

Do you find yourself always on the go? Look no further than the simplistic yet exceptionally comfortable women’s ASICS Versablast.

The INJECTION midsole technology creates a trampoline effect that comfortably and safely propels you forward, allowing you to run errands and go about your daily activities with more efficiency than ever. Because let’s face it; sometimes, we’re in a mad rush to get where we need to be and have to run a little.

Thanks to the springy midsole foam, this sneaker also provides great cushioning for your underfoot, giving you long-lasting comfort to keep you going in the middle of your busy day.

This spring sneaker is also one of the most lightweight options. The outsole minimizes weight and bulkiness without sacrificing reliance and durability.

Are you interested in learning more about ASICS? Check out our recent blog on the Top ASICS Shoes For Your Foot Type!

Feet First Clinic Has All of These Sneakers in Store!

Surely you’re wondering how you can snag a pair of these fashionable and cozy spring sneakers? Look no further than your local Bloor West foot clinic! Give us a call to inquire about any of the shoes we talked about today, or simply stop by during our business hours and take home the perfect pair for you!

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