Five Strategies For Coping With Foot Pain

Here at Feet First Clinic, our primary goal is for our clients to live without any discomfort so that they are able to live their best life and enjoy physical activities. The feet, of course, are the foundation of the body, but because they are so distant from what we consider the “control center”, often they do not get as much attention as they should.

Our friendly professionals can make sure that your feet look and feel their best by treating superficial conditions (such as warts and bunions) and addressing gait issues with analysis and custom orthotics. If you need a chiropodist in downtown Toronto, Feet First Clinic should be at the top of your list – our 3D video-gait analysis and deep knowledge of hundreds of foot-related issues put us ahead of the pack.

While our ultimate goal is to enhance your health to the point where you can pursue a healthy, athletic lifestyle, many folks come to us with pain and discomfort that must be methodically addressed over several months. In this post, we’re going to look at a number of basic pain treatments to help you work towards improved mobility and a pain-free experience.


 Aside from the pleasant feeling that heat delivers, it also reduces pain drastically. While heat alone will not fix the root problem, it can be a great comfort and helper along the way. Heat increases blood flow and facilitates increased oxygen in your muscles; electric blankets, heating pads, hot baths, saunas, whatever works for you – heat those feet! Heat also soothes back and leg pain associated with gait issues.

coping with foot pain


 If your spouse or partner is hesitant to give those feet a rub down, simply do it yourself! Sit in a comfortable chair and bend one leg so that your foot is resting on your knee, apply some oil or lotion and knead hard with your knuckles or thumbs. If bending over to rub your foot aggravates your back, a simple lacrosse ball can do the trick if you roll it under your foot and press down on the trigger points. What’s a trigger point, you ask? You’ll know it when you feel it! Massage and stretching are especially helpful as a supplement to professional plantar fasciitis treatment in Toronto.

 Custom Orthotics

 As you’re pursuing these physical therapies, you can also analyze your gait and have custom orthotics crafted to compensate for flat feet, pronation issues and the like. Orthotics will mitigate further pain and discomfort while you address the root of the problem – an imbalance in your gait.

 New Shoes

 Along with custom orthotics, new shoes will go along way towards mitigating pain. Our specialists can help you find shoes that give your feet room to breathe and guide your body towards healthier movement patterns.

 Compression Socks

 As with heat treatment, compression socks help by facilitating greater circulation. For those with diabetes-related issues, compression socks can be a total game-changer. They are available in athletic, casual and formal styles, and can be worn in any situation.

Don’t let plantar fasciitis, warts or a gait imbalance mess up your life – learn about these common foot problems on our website and take control of your feet!

Here’s to Many More Years of Foot Care!

At Feet First Clinic, we’re always excited to welcome new clients! After a successful 12 years of treating our amazing patients, we’re ready to continue offering only the best foot care services and products. Give us a call to ask our friendly staff any questions you may have! Our Toronto foot specialists are ready to help!

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