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Your Best Footwear Options For Winter In The City

Published: November 30, 2018

Last modified: June 25, 2019

If you live in Canada or a city in the northern part of the US, then you’re definitely no stranger to cold weather and piles of snow. Typically, winter is the time of year when Canadians put their bikes in storage and rely on public transit, cars and networks of underground paths to avoid the cold weather at all cost.

At the same time, winter can be a lovely time of year and if it’s not punishingly cold, as walking around in the snow can be a very beautiful experience. Furthermore, because there is a drastically reduced amount of natural light available in the winter months, making sure to get outside and soak in the sun (when it’s available) is essential for maintaining a good attitude.

For this reason, our foot clinic in Toronto recommends making sure that you have proper footwear to take a stroll in the snow, in order to enjoy the season, get some exercise and soak in some vitamin D. In this post, we’re going to look at winter footwear, accessories and treatments that will have you romping through the parks and making snow angels!

Warm & Supportive Boots For You

For a really harsh climate, we typically recommend Sorel boots. These sturdy boots come in a variety of styles for men, women and children, from more compact urban styles to functional, protective all-weather boots for the back-country. As with any other time of year, folks with knee and back problems related to gait issues can benefit from custom orthotics in their boots. In this way, you can stay warm and feel supported as you take on the winter in style.

man with winter boots

Gait Analysis

If you suffer from mysterious knee or back pain, it may well be that you have undiagnosed gait issues. Not only do our foot chiropodists craft custom orthotics when you need arch support, but they also offer the benefits of gait analysis to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the root of the problem. This direct understanding of balance and weight distribution issues gives you the knowledge to begin consciously correcting the gait. Orthotics offer relief, gait analysis offers a solution.


You don’t necessarily need an expert to tell you that heat is good in the winter, but we’ll tell you more specifically why it is so good. Whether it’s the sauna at the gym, hot yoga, or a steamy bath at the end of the day, exposing your muscles to heat facilitates better blood flow and allows oxygen to push toxins out of the deeper parts of the muscles. Alternating hot and cold (going from a hot sauna to a cold shower and back) increases the effectiveness of this process, so your feet, knees and back can enjoy the benefits of this comforting therapy.

Compression Socks/ Stockings

On the theme of blood flow (essential in the winter), compression socks increase blood flow and are often used for post-exercise recovery and by diabetics, who are at a higher risk of foot ulceration. Compression stockings come in many different styles and can provide comfort and health benefits for anyone!

Whether you’re looking to get your feet set up for winter or get your plantar warts removed, Feet First Clinic has you covered. Contact us today and set up an appointment.

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