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Holiday Gifts in Bloor West Village: Shop Local, Save Local

The clock is ticking for last-minute holiday shopping! There’s about a week left to organize your gifts and pick up some last-minute goodies. With that, we thought it would be a great idea to showcase some small businesses in Bloor West Village for your shopping needs.

This charming neighbourhood has everything from clothing stores to cooking stores. There are plenty of gift options for loved ones, kids, friends and even your secret Santa from work! As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to loom over us, it’s just as crucial as ever to support local Toronto small businesses. You can also end up saving a ton of money by shopping local!

Let’s look at some amazing Bloor West shops (and some gift ideas!) Don’t forget, Feet First Clinic is also a Bloor West staple, with many great footwear and foot care gifts for your friends and family.

Book City 

Books are thoughtful gifts that stimulate the brain and let your loved ones escape their own lives for a while. You also don’t have to worry about sizing and other preferences when you gift books. Furthermore, books are super easy to mail to your faraway companions.

For your book-loving relative or friend, you can check out Book City this holiday season. Their Bloor West location has top-selling fiction and non-fiction books, as well as the hottest new releases in every genre imaginable. This fantastic store will have just what you’re looking for from cookbooks to kids’ books.

Other gift options are also available at Book City. Classic games like Chess and Scrabble are in stock, as well as challenging puzzles and toys for children. Their website has a handy tool that shows holiday shoppers how in-demand a certain item is, so if you have your eye on something, you can consult the “sales demand” option in the description. This is especially useful for new, top-selling books you have your eye on.

Book City on Bloor West is just five minutes from Feet First Clinic! You can stop by for an excellent shopping experience or use their online store to find the right gift.

Book City Gift Ideas

Quipus Crafts

This inviting and free-spirited store proudly offers finely curated products from countries like Mexico, France, Nepal, Indonesia and Italy.

Don’t be fooled by the store name – Quipus Crafts is full of other gift ideas in addition to their prints and cards selection. They specialize in hand-crafted products from around the globe like aprons, mugs, tote bags, incense and kitchen linens. Quipus also offers natural cotton and linen clothing, and locally sourced Ontario products like beeswax candles.

Quipus Crafts on Bloor West is just a two-minute walk away from Feet First Clinic! Why not check out their Instagram and get yourself in the mood to pay them a visit?

Quipus Crafts Gift Ideas

  • Black Cat Doormat
  • Cherry Patterned Cotton Apron
  • Celtic Finish Antique Coffin Box

Lemon & Lavender

Lemon & Lavender is a lavish Bloor West store full of premium products and uniquely sourced gift ideas. Owned by a mother and daughter duo, they know exactly what your feminine loved ones would enjoy as a holiday gift.

If you know someone who loves tantalizing fragrances, Lemon & Lavender have a bounty of scented products. These include home products like candles, diffusers and room sprays. Additionally, they carry luxurious soaps, lotions and handmade bath bombs. Lemon & Lavender have an online store you can browse from home, or you can simply head down to their Bloor West location for your gift-giving needs.

Lemon & Lavender is just a seven-minute walk from Feet First Clinic! Don’t forget to check it out after an appointment with one of our chiropodists.

Lemon & Lavender Gift Ideas

The Cookery

The Cookery has incredible gift options for that person in your life who loves being in the kitchen. They have cookware, kitchen appliances, glassware, cutlery and even a selection of cookbooks. What’s more, if you know someone anxious to get better in the kitchen, you can buy them a gift certificate for one of the Cookery’s many classes!

The Cookery also has fun giveaway events, including a free all-clad cleaner when you purchase their stainless-steel cookware sets or a free frother when you purchase their espresso makers.

The Bloor West location of this independent retailer is just a short walk away from Feet First Clinic. For your convenience, you can also browse for gifts online!

The Cookery Gift Ideas

Buck’s Hard Goods

Does your partner need a warm new coat for the winter? Or perhaps you know someone with a tattered wallet or purse? If so, Buck’s Hard Goods offers premium leather products and other high-quality gift ideas for all occasions.

They also have a vast selection of clothing for men and women, so if you’re up to giving clothes as a gift, you should try a shop that has fine taste. Other gift ideas include sunglasses, candles, socks and jewelry. Buck’s vintage feel is the perfect fit for your trendy loved ones.

Buck’s on Bloor West is close to Runnymede station and just a quick walk or drive from Feet First!

Buck’s Hard Goods Gift Ideas

Check Out Bloor West Village For Your Holiday Shopping Needs!

Shopping local during the holiday season gives you a sense of community and lets you support hard-working small business owners during these difficult times. Don’t forget to check out these fantastic stores before the holidays arrive. And be sure to stop by Feet First Clinic for your foot care needs.

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