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4 Great Tips For Your Winter Running Regimen

Here at Feet First Clinic in Toronto, Ontario, we encourage our clients to engage in aerobic and cardiovascular exercise if they’re living pain-free and up for the challenge. During the brief summer here in Toronto, there are plenty of ways to stay active cycling the many bike paths, running on the Lakeshore, playing sports in the parks, etc., etc. Unfortunately, the winter renders many of these resources unavailable and so most people cut back on exercise and get their fit fix at an indoor gym.

There are, however, a growing number of warriors who embrace the cold of winter and hit the jogging paths all year round. There are many physical and mental health benefits attached with running, including the great feeling you get from soaking in the afternoon sun. Many Canadians don’t get enough sunlight in the winter, which can lead to seasonal depression. The combination of vigorous exercise and spending time out of doors goes a long way towards combating this.

If you’re interested in winter running, but you’re concerned that running is too high impact or that you don’t have the right shoes, visit our foot clinic in Toronto and we’ll help you assess the situation soberly. If you have a gait issue, it’s especially important to have it analyzed before you engage in any serious winter running, since jogging with an imbalanced gait can cause intense pain in the knees and back – not a great recipe for a cozy winter.

get wart removal help to run better

Without further ado, here are four great tips for those brave winter runners among us:

Wear Reflective Gear – Even if you begin running while it’s still light out, darkness has a tendency to descend awfully quick in the winter months. Wearing clothes and shoes that are reflective will make you more visible to motorists and cyclists. Furthermore, you’ll be able to enjoy the run more knowing that you are well visible to those around you. It’s perilous enough with all the slippery ice and snow – make sure people can see you.

Warm Up Inside – Sometimes when it’s time to run, people get so excited that they rocket out the door without stretching or warming up. Of course, when you engage your muscles cold you are at a greater risk for injury, and this is doubly true in the wintertime since it takes twice as long to warm up outside. Doing some light exercises, squats, stretches or yoga before you hit the trail is always advisable.

Compression Socks – With the intense cold of winter, blood circulation is inhibited and therefore, compressions socks are a great investment for any dedicated runner. Compression socks will help keep your legs and feet healthy, reduce recovery time and help you up your game generally.

Don’t Overdress – While you’ll certainly want to layer up a bit, don’t overdo it. You’ll warm up quite a bit exerting yourself, and if you sweat too much you may end up with a nasty chill. Dress for slightly warmer weather – you’ll be cold at first, but in the end, it’s more comfortable.

Whether you’re after compression socks, gait analysis or wart removal help, come visit our foot chiropodists today and get the most out of your feet and body!

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