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Cold Feet Remedies: How to Keep Your Feet Warm and Comfortable

Most of us experience cold feet metaphorically when we’re hesitant and nervous. But your feet can also feel cold to the touch if you suffer from a nerve disorder or poor circulation caused by a foot condition. Fibromyalgia, heart diseasediabetes and Raynaud’s disease are some of the most common causes of chronically cold feet. But knowing why your feet are chilly and clammy 24/7 is only one step towards relief. Let’s look at some of the best remedies for cold feet and how you can achieve optimal foot comfort.

Cold Feet Remedies

  • Exercises and stretches
  • Compression stockings
  • Orthopedic slippers
  • Additional remedies
Person with chronic cold feet wearing socks
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Exercises and Stretches

The link between circulation and cold feet is clear, so naturally, one of the best ways to keep your feet warm is by practicing foot exercises and stretches. From stretching and flexing your toes to ankle rotations to writing the alphabet with your big toe — there are dozens of low-impact foot exercises you can try. You can also perform most of these while sitting if you have mobility troubles. 

Compression Stockings

Compression socks may help with chronically cold feet. Not only do they offer a layer of warmth, but they also work by helping your blood vessels work more efficiently, improving your body’s circulatory function. That said, if you have diabetes, you may want to look elsewhere for cold feet remedies, as compression socks may slow diabetic wound healing. They may also have the opposite effect of what diabetes patients need and restrict blood flow.

Compression stockings can help treat conditions that cause cold feet

Orthopaedic Slippers

Orthopedic slippers can be an excellent foundation for your feet while lounging around the house – and we’re not talking about flimsy hotel slippers. Most varieties of orthopaedic slippers are snug and encompass the entire foot like a pair of shoes would. Slippers can be made with faux-fur collars, shearling linings, and high-quality uppers and footbeds that all work together to keep your feet toasty.

Woman wearing orthpedic slippers which are a known cold feet remedy

Additional Ways of Keeping Feet Warm

It’s tough to narrow down all ways to heat your cold feet. Here are some more remedies to consider:

  • Try products like heated foot pads or toe warmers.
  • Enjoy a warm foot bath, using a foot soak product from Gehwol to trigger as much blood flow as possible.
  • Speaking of foot baths, establishing a full foot care routine with medicinal moisturizers will take foot comfort to the next level.
  • Ensure your shoes accommodate your foot condition and promote a healthy foot environment and breathability.
  • Double up on your socks.
  • Wear waterproof shoes to repel cold water.

Remember, chronically cold feet are not a normal experience for most. It’s always best to check in with your chiropodist to ensure your remedies will help your condition.

Don't Let Cold Feet Ruin Your Days!

These remedies should help provide some relief – but your chiropodist can give you some much needed insight into your chronic cold feet!

Contact us at 416-769-FEET (3338) or use our online booking form to book an appointment!

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