What Is Morton’s Neuroma?

Have you ever been walking around downtown Toronto with the feeling that you have a pebble stuck in your shoe? It can turn into a persistent nuisance that negatively impacts your daily exercise or routine. If this sounds like you, it is likely you are experiencing a nerve compression syndrome which affects the nerves located at the base of the toes, called a neuroma.

The most common nerve to be affected is the one found at the ball of the foot, between the third and fourth toes. This nerve is naturally thicker than the rest, putting it at higher risk of developing a neuroma. A neuroma at this specific location on the foot is called Morton’s Neuroma. Irritation of the nerve at this location causes the nerve to enlarge or swell, making it more vulnerable to compressive stresses.

What Are The Symptoms Of Morton’s Neuroma? 

  • Localized pain that radiates to the toes when wearing shoes or while walking.
  • Feeling like you’re walking on a pebble.
  • Numbing, tingling, or burning sensation in your foot and feeling like you have to take off your shoes to rub it for relief.
  • Sharp pain in your foot.
  • Pain that radiates from the ball of your foot to your toes.
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What Causes Morton’s Neuroma?

It is very likely that the cause of your neuroma is poor foot mechanics, with the most common one being overpronation. Overpronation is the involuntary act of rolling the ankles towards the arches as one walks. As the foot pronates more than it should, the metatarsals also move more than they should. This leads to compression and subsequent irritation of the nerves, resulting in pain and inflammation.

How Can I Treat Morton’s Neuroma?

Your goals should be: 

  • Remove pressures from the area of concern.
  • Allow the nerve to heal.
  • Prevent future incidences of discomfort.

In summary, an overhaul of your footwear will benefit you the most! To help you with this, you should make an appointment to see a qualified foot specialist. A Chiropodist may recommend a pair of Custom made orthotics which aim to correct poor foot mechanics and control pronation. Additionally, they will likely include such helpful features as a metatarsal dome pad, which aims to remove pressures from the nerves by splaying the metatarsal bones.

For more immediate relief, you can try over-the-counter metatarsal dome pads and add them to the insoles of your shoes. Lastly, wearing wider shoes with a wide toe box and a low heel will help to manage your pain and prevent exacerbation of symptoms. A proper Shoe fitting may be what you need!

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