Valentine’s Day Ideas & Activities

Whatever your relationship status, you deserve to treat yourself to some love this Valentine’s day. Instead of a box of chocolates, why not bundle up and get outside? COVID-19 restrictions can make it difficult to see all our loved ones. Going outdoors allows us to safely enjoy time with the people who matter most and express our appreciation for them  After all, you can always have some hot cocoa to warm up by the fire afterward.

That’s why, in the spirit of Valentine’s day, we rounded up some ideas for how you can show some love to yourself, your friends, family, and of course, your feet!


Immersing yourself in nature and taking time to enjoy the beauty all around is a great way to center yourself in the present moment and feel the loving energy. Hiking is an ideal and economical way to enjoy nature year-round while getting in your 10,000 steps and staying active (which is one of the best ways to keep your feet strong and healthy).

Here is a list of winter-friendly trails within Toronto that make for great scenic workouts and dates. Make sure you support yourself and your loved ones with proper footwear to keep you safe with every step! You can also bring some walking poles with you for extra safety or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try out snowshoeing on the trails.


Skating is another fun outdoor activity perfect for Valentine’s day. The city has many public skating rinks that provide the perfect opportunity to spend time with friends or your significant other. If you’re not sure how to find comfortable skates, be sure to check our recent guide to ice skates and how you can keep your feet healthy when skating. If you are an avid skater, we also have great insoles to properly align and support your feet inside your skates.

With bestie for Christmas

Snowball Fight!

Wouldn’t it be fun to act like a kid again and maybe release a little frustration with a good old-fashioned snowball fight? With all the snow we’ve been getting in the GTA, you could probably build an igloo! Whether it’s spending quality time with the kids, or just being a kid, you’re never too old for some carefree snow play. Just make sure you’re dressed for the elements!

A Hot Bath

After spending the day outside, warm up by treating yourself to a nice, hot bath. Light the candles, pour a glass of wine, turn on some relaxing music, and fill up your tub with some bath salts, essential oils, and maybe even some bubbles. A bath is a beautiful ritual for self-care and easing tension in your muscles – especially your aching feet. Even a bath for your feet alone would be a loving treatment to give, receive, and share. 

Whatever you do for Valentine’s Day, remember: it’s a day for love in all forms. While we don’t necessarily need a designated holiday for that, sometimes it can be difficult to set aside time for ourselves and the people we care about. So this Valentine’s Day, be sure to love to those who matter most, including yourself and – of course – your feet!

The Feet First team is here to give your feet some love!

Many common issues can plague our feet during the harsh winter months. At Feet First Clinic, we strive to give your feet the love and care they need. Call us today at 416-769-FEET(3338) to book your appointment! 

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