Surprising DIY Additions to Your Foot Baths

Our Feet Are Overworked, Underpaid, and Fed Up with The Neglect! 

Show your tootsies some TLC by making foot baths a regular practice within your wellness routine. Depending on your foot conditions, you can tailor a custom blend to your needs. You can play around with everyday products you already own. We also offer Gehwol’s range of products here at Feet First. I am often running around (literally) or in the gym, so my feet take a beating with each foot strike. I require a good soak to alleviate any strain felt and help to soften the callouses built up over the activity and switching footwear regularly. 

Foot Bath Recipe

Okay, truthfully, I rarely measure anything, but these are good rough estimates. Liken your ratios to the tub you are using. Mine is small and basic, so I tend to add the ACV accordingly based on the chemical reaction from the baking soda. Science is fun! I will sit and soak my feet for up to a half-hour, and this combination is both soothing to aching feet and softening. Follow-up with a quick rinse, some cream, and you will not believe the difference. Bonus points for using a foot scrub or a pumice stone on those stubborn spots.

The Beneficial Ingredients in This Bath: 

Epsom Salt

The favourite child when it comes to alleviating aches and pains in your joints and muscles. A natural anti-inflammatory, the salt acts as a drawing agent once dissolved in the water. It begins to release magnesium and sulfate ions for super effective detoxification.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV if you’re cool. My mornings always start with a litre of water and a shot of this legendary vinegar. The ritual partnered with my coffee is so beloved, that I began experimenting with external use. This powerful cleanser and detoxifier, ACV has the power to help you with fungal issues, bad odor, and even soothing to your dry and cracked heels. I can attest to the magic it brings into my daily wellness routine, and it has been a gamechanger for the softening of my feet.

Baking Soda

Along with their best friend above, baking soda is a great softener, and exfoliant. The skin on your feet is naturally rougher and less susceptible to scrubbing with the fine grain as opposed to your face for example, but the soaking is a powerful tool.


Here are some other ingredients to play around with that you likely have in your home already:

Coconut Oil

A popular moisturizer (just be sure to throw some socks on after to prevent slipping) that also helps to kill bacteria and fungi. When heated, it is a great liquid to add to your foot bath.

Citrus Fruits

You could be fancy and float the slices atop the water or squeeze them for more functionality. The alkalinity offered by a lemon or lime will offer detoxification for your feet in addition to a pleasant aroma. 


Essential Oils

A quick and easy addition to your soak. Tea Tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender are great choices. All are cooling and have anti-fungal properties. They also, of course, will make for a pleasant fragrance in the room.


The most interesting option I have found, but have yet to experiment with. Particularly, the original yellow bottle is recommended. By mixing the mouthwash with white vinegar and hot water, it apparently creates a salon-grade soak, priming your feet for exfoliation with your pumice stone.


If you are having a little more trouble with your feet, come to say hello! We offer Medical Pedicures here at the Feet First Clinic. Think of it as a relaxing way toward supporting your foot health.

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