Wearing High Heels All of the Time Is Hard on your Body

Whether it’s a pair of black patent leather pumps, sky-high ruby red stilettos or strappy sandals, high heels are considered wardrobe staples that belong in a woman’s closet. They’re used for special occasions and everyday work-life, going out dancing or going for an important interview. Sadly, these beloved fashion statements can damage parts of your body over time.

Anyone who has ever worn a pair of high heels knows that after a few hours of standing and walking, your feet are throbbing. It’s a relief just to slip them off, sit down and let your pulsing toes have a little bit of a rest. These aches and pains come after only a few hours of wearing the shoes — the long-term effects are much worse.

One of the health problems that people can get from wearing high heels is developing large bumps called bunions on the outsides of their big toes. A bunion is a permanent side-effect, but you can get corrective surgery to remove part of the bone and add screws to keep the foot in an appropriate position.

Another one of the distressing things that high heels do to your feet is create hammertoes, which is when your little toes bend and buckle from the pressure of standing on them. Hammertoe is awkward and sometimes painful. Flexible hammertoes can be reversed through physiotherapy, orthopedic shoe replacements or corrective surgery.

You can explore our website to find out more info about common foot conditions that high heels create like ingrown nails, corns, calluses and blisters. Other types of shoes can cause these, but this style is a popular explanation for a lot of complaints.

Other than foot problems, high heels prematurely age your joints because they won’t allow your knee to straighten while accommodating for the additional weight placed on your legs. The reflex changes your gait (how you walk) and wears down your knees over time.

You’ll also find that high heels cause lower back pain by forcing your lower back to arch to compensate for the fact that you’re balancing your body weight on the balls of your feet. The shoes force your body weight to pull forward, so you lean back when you stand. The position puts a lot of stress on your spinal discs. Sticking with the shoes can lead to poor posture, persistent aches and muscle spasms.

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If you have any of the previous physical ailments, you can go to the Toronto foot clinic to see a trained chiropodist to help you find the right foot care options. Solutions for your symptoms can range from simple skin treatments to physical therapy to video gait analysis.

It’s also recommended that you swap your high heels for orthopedics, which will give you the support and comfort you need. You can check out the brands of footwear we carry to see what amazing choices we have for sensible but stylish dress shoes that you will want to put inside of your closet.

It’s clear that high heels are not worth the aches and pains that they put you through. These fashion fundamentals damage your feet, your knees and your back much more than you think. Push those sandals, stilettos and pumps to the back of the closet — it’s time to change up your footwear.

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