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Comfortable Heels and Wedges for Wedding Season

Foot-friendly shoes and comfortable heels as wedding guest footwear? Who knew there could be such a thing! Say goodbye to the days where you have to switch shoes halfway through the wedding reception and say hello to stylish comfort shoes, pain-free heels and podiatrist-approved footwear. Today’s article will guide you towards discovering brands that make comfortable wedges and heels for when you want to attend an exciting summer wedding, but don’t want to deal with dreaded foot pain

Brands That Make Comfortable Wedding Season Footwear

Check out some foot clinic recommendations for wedding guests, bridal parties and bridal shoes! These brands are available at Feet First Clinic – your favourite local Toronto one-stop-shop for all things foot health


Ara combines the perfect fit with sleek style, making the ideal shoe. They have plenty of pumps, sandals, and other shoes with a short-to-moderate heel height that will help you maintain your balance and stability at the wedding, in addition to preventing nagging foot pain. They use the same comforting shoe technologies and materials as their walking shoes. 


NAOT is another ideal choice for comfortable heels and wedges. Whether you’re walking down the aisle or dancing the night away, you’ll find a good combination of fashion and comfort with their sandals, booties and other shoes. If you’re more into fun shoe designs and prefer a short heel with minimal elevation, they might be a good choice for you.

The NAOT Pixie might be a good choice for a wedding guest who wants a very short heel that still has some elevation.


Clarks has always been innovative in shoemaking, introducing technologies that make you feel like you’re stepping on a cloud. This also applies to their chunky wedges, heeled sandals, boots, booties, and more — all perfect for summer weddings! Emphasizing proper fit and comfort with cushioned insoles and ergonomic designs and high-quality materials such as soft leathers, Clarks ensures that every pair minimizes foot pain as much as possible. 

Give our Toronto foot clinic a call for the most up-to-date shoes from Ara, NAOT and Clarks in stock! You can also stop by our Bloor West location for a shoe fitting

A Final Note on Heels and Wedding Season in 2024

It’s tough to find the right balance between high heels and foot health. We recommend avoiding them if you have certain foot conditions like severe bunions, hammertoes, joint pain caused by arthritis, amongst others. But then again, if you like heeled shoes, there should be a way to stay true to yourself, especially for a special occasion. Look for: 

  • Wide-toed shoes: Opt for heeled shoes with a wide and deep toe box.
  • Low heels: Select heels that are no higher than 2 inches to reduce strain. 
  • Soft materials: Look for shoes made from soft, flexible materials like leather or suede that can stretch and conform to the foot shape.
  • Cushioned and removable Insoles: Shoes with cushioned insoles can provide extra comfort. Removing them and inserting your own custom orthotics or insoles for your foot type is also a wise move. 

Remember: if your shoes exacerbate your condition, don’t wear them, even if you’ve followed these guidelines. Walking shoes and orthopedic shoes can look lovely at a wedding too! Many brides wear them to add a fun, casual spin to their wedding look.

Check out this blog on balancing elegance with foot health
for even more tips on selecting the right wedding shoes this summer.

Kiss Foot Pain Goodbye This Wedding Season!

Now that you know you don’t have to sacrifice style to live in comfort, why not pay our Toronto foot clinic and chiropodists a visit for your dream pair of stylish and comfy heels? Call us at (416) 769-3338 or book an appointment here!

Banner image and third body image by freepik, thank you! Big thanks to Ara, NAOT and Clarks for the awesome shoes!

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