5 Shoe Brands That Make Comfy Heels and Wedges

Sometimes high heels and wedges can be a real pain, literally. It’s common knowledge that heels can hurt our feet, and can be difficult to wear for long periods. Wearing high heels all the time can also lead to long-term foot issues, like bunions and Morton’s neuroma. This isn’t good news for shoe lovers who want to dress up with some flair. Luckily, there are some foot-friendly (well – friendl-ier) high heel options available! We’re here to discuss 5 shoe brands that make comfy heels and wedges.

You should be able to walk comfortably no matter what shoes you’re wearing. Likewise, there are some fantastic shoe brands out there that don’t sacrifice style for comfort. Companies like Clarks, Ara, and more make some gorgeous heeled shoes that we think you’ll love. Read on to learn why Toronto foot specialists recommend these brands!

5 Shoe Brands That Make Comfy Heels and Wedges

  • Clarks
  • Ara
  • Naot
  • Portofino
  • Mephisto


Clarks is one of our favourite shoe brands. They have an incredibly versatile collection that features several shoes with heels and trendy wedges. Whether your looking for summer sandals or swear by booties no matter what season it is, they have the perfect heels or wedges for you. Some people prefer wedged heels for extra stability, and they can feel more durable. If that’s what you’re looking for, you can check out these red wedges from Clarks. If you swear by a heel, there’s also the classic peep-toe heel.

Clarks shoes are known for their comfort-focused technologies. Many wedges from Clarks come with the Contoured Comfort OrthoLite® footbed, and their heels often incorporate the Cushion Soft technology. Thanks to their innovation, your heels or wedges from Clarks will feel exceptionally comfortable compared to your old shoes.

These comfort technologies add the extra layer of comfort that you need for a pain-free day or evening. The cushioning and thick heel also provide shock absorption while relieving some of the pressure on your forefoot. This helps protect the joints and offset some of the long-term risks commonly associated with high heels. 

Furthermore, Clarks offers other technologies that contribute to overall foot health. Clarks makes shoes with the following:

  • Moisture-wicking materials and lining to keep your feet dry, which helps prevent discomfort, foot odour, blisters, and cracked skin. After all, no one likes waterlogged and wrinkly feet! Some of Clarks shoes also have a GORE-TEX lining to shield your feet from the elements, while also letting them breath. 
  • All leathers, laces, and threads are also certified waterproof by Clarks.
  • Some of Clarks’ shoes feature Wavewalk sole technology to promote shock absorption and evenly spread pressure throughout your foot. Need to stay on your feet all day? Not a problem; this technology will keep you on your feet without foot pain.


Ara is a trusty brand that makes plenty of heels and wedges. From ballerina shoes with a slight heel to a bold pair of pumps, Ara has all of your heel needs covered! Similar to Clarks, they have some funky wedged sandals and sandals with heels and straps for the summer and special occasions. They also have classic pumps that are perfect for the office or a night out. The comfort levels in Ara shoes are all thanks to their HighSoft technology. This technology in Ara heels offers the following:

  • The elasticized lining adjusts to fit your feet perfectly. It also prevents your feet from chafing and stops blister formation.
  • The heel counter is thermo-moulded for extra stability.
  • The insoles are made with microcellular foam, providing necessary cushioning for your feet.


Naot is another great shoe brand offering comfy heels and wedges. Certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), Naot shoes promote optimal foot health. What’s more, they make trendy sandals with heels that are perfect for the summer. Many women assume that you can’t walk in a fashionable sandal without onset foot pain. Luckily, Naot sandals with a wedge heel are breathable, stylish, and exceptionally comfortable.

The secret lies in Naot’s famous cork footbed. This footbed has natural shock absorbing properties and helps diffuse pressure throughout your foot to protect the joints. The cork provides fantastic support for the arches and structures in your feet, and moulds to the shape of your foot with wear. Best of all, it’s soft and super comfy!

Naot’s sandals include the Aisha, which comes in a sleek black with a slight wedge. If you’d like something a little bolder, you can check out the Pixie sandal. It’s featured above in the delightful colour combo of champagne leather, silver mirror leather, and pearl rose leather. Whatever sandal you choose, Naot sandals will last the entire summer, and many more summers to come!


Portofino is a specialty orthopaedic shoe brand offering several types of cute Mary Janes and pumps. Made with a chunky, slightly lower heel, they offer a high level of comfort and support. The leather used to make these shoes is stretchy and flexible, and Portofino pumps are also orthotic friendly! Portofino is yet another shoe brand that focuses on both style and comfort. Their footwear can help those struggling with debilitating or minor foot conditions, including:

If you’re looking for something practical yet trendy, Portofino may be the way to go. Most of their heeled shoes are suitable for work and formal events and are perfect for spring, summer, and fall. If you’re someone with sensitive feet or a disability, you can still rock a great pair of shoes. Achieving your foot health goals can absolutely be done in style.


Lastly, we’re going to talk about Mephisto! They make cozy shoes that are perfect for all of your summer outfits. We love their wedged sandals and sandals with heels, such as the Helen. Their heels and wedges come in a wide variety of colours and styles and are heavily featured on our Instagram. Mephisto shoes are ultra-comfy due to their Soft-air technology, which provides the following:

  • flexible and soft midsole, which reduces shock absorption while walking on hard surfaces. There is also sufficient elasticity in the midsole. All three combined work by preventing the pain you feel in your joints, vertebrae, and spine when you wear uncomfortable and unsupportive shoes.
  • You can enjoy walking for hours at a time without discomfort. This is yet again thanks to the SoftAir technology that protects the sensitive parts of the foot, as well as the shock absorbing technology in the shoe’s cork midsole.
  • Say goodbye to sweaty, itchy, and uncomfortable feet! A healthy foot climate will come in handy in the heat or after running around all day! Mephisto shoes are breathable and designed to prevent sweaty feet and promote good hygiene.

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