Foot Friendly Gifts for Christmas

At Feet First we have a great selection of products that can make excellent stocking stuffers or gifts to get your loved ones’ feet feeling their best.

Here is a list of Foot Friendly Gifts from Feet First:

Gehwol Products 

We strongly stand by the Gehwol brand with their long line of great products. The medicated salve for cracked heels is one of our best selling products. This salve helps continuously moisturize problem heels, helps reduce excessive callus and removes dryness. The Herbal Bath Soak is another great product with essential oils to help reduce foot odours and relieve tired and achy feet. The Foot Spray is a great product for those shoes that have a persistent odour. The spray has great essential oils and antifungal medication to help eliminate odour causing bacteria and reduces the spread of fungus.

gehwolFoot Rubz

Great massage therapy for both the hands and feet using Asian acupressure techniques to reduce tension, increase circulation and relax muscles. It temporarily relieves plantar fasciitis and tendonitis pain as well.

rubzFS6 Sleeves

The FS6 Sleeves are the perfect gift for those struggling with that persistent plantar fasciitis or for those who have constant tired and achy feet at home. The FS6 sleeve is a compression band that has higher compression around your arch and ankle, giving you maximum support where you need it. This is the perfect alternative to wearing shoes inside the house and relying on orthotics or insoles are all times.

sleeveBunion aligners

Do you have people in your family struggling with bunions? The bunion aligner is a compression sock that you can comfortably wear all day underneath your socks or shoes. The sock pulls your big toe towards your mid-line giving you proper strength in your arch muscles and helping to relax those tight muscles in between your toes. The bunion aligners also come with toe spacers to give you extra support when you need it.


Superfeet are a great brand of over-the-counter insoles. They are specially designed by a team of Podiatrists and Pedorthits to help give you the best alignment and structural support depending on your foot type and level of activity. The Green Superfeet are for those who suffer with sore and tired feet and they need maximum support and shock absorbing material. The Orange Superfeet are for those who put a lot of pressure on the balls of their feet so there is extra padding and shock absorbing material at the forefoot. The Blue Superfeet are the all purpose insoles for everyday wear and for those who just want some arch support in their shoes. The Copper Superfeet have a pressure sensitive memory foam layer to conform to your foot and add an extra level of cushioning and comfort to your shoes. The Berry Superfeet are specialized for Womens’ shoes and fit narrow at the heel but still maintain proper arch support. There is also a new line of very slim dress orthotics to fit those tight shoes or heels.

superWinter Boots 

At Feet First, we pride ourselves on having a great selection of orthopedic footwear for all seasons. During the winter months, we sell a large number of high quality winter boots like Sorels.

Sorels can come in a variety of different selection. For those snowy or icy winter nights, the Tivoli or Joan of Arctic boots are the right choice with their thick insulated lining and waterproof protection you will stay warm and dry all day. For those mild winter months, consider the Out N About boot which will keep your feet nice and dry without the heavy insulated lining.

Sorel Tivoli
Sorel Tivoli™ IV Boot


Birkenstocks are great shoes to wear all year. In the summer, Birkenstocks are fantastic sandals in terms of support and stability. In the winter, it is advised to wear Birkenstocks around the house as slippers, especially if you have minimal carpet space and mostly hardwood floors or tiles. Birkenstocks have a great construction with a cork footbed, anti-slip suede topcover and high quality leather straps that are resistant to wear.

Here at Feet First Clinic wish you and your loved ones a very happy and relaxing Holiday season.

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