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Best Gifts For Your Feet

Best Gifts for Your Feet

For how reliant we are on our feet, they’re often neglected. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Why not treat yourself, or someone else, with gifts for your feet?

You can treat your feet right with the proper care, whether that’s through investing in quality footwear, preventative measures, or just overall good habits. For Christmas, as well as for any other time of year when you’re gifting, consider these gifts for your feet.

Body Glide

One of the keys to healthy feet is acting on and taking certain preventative measures to reduce problems in the first place. One such example is the use of Body Glide, which can help reduce the chance of blisters. The two core reasons for why you might experience blisters are friction and moisture.

Most blisters on your feet are friction blisters, which result from socks or shoes excessively rubbing against the skin of your feet. The bubbles that form are natural cushions that your body produces in order to create a protective barrier between the irritated area of skin and friction-causing object.

Body Glide repels water and moisture, as well as provides a lubricant for your skin to reduce friction.

By applying Body Glide to your feet, you can keep blisters at bay.

Saucony Ride ISO 2

The Ride ISO 2 is Saucony’s most plush and cushioned running shoe making it ideal for running on asphalt and concrete sidewalks. That’s a reality for us Canadians in the wintertime as softer surfaces are hard to come by.

To protect your feet from common injuries, it’s vital to choose a running shoe that’s right for your body and gait. The Ride ISO 2 is great for runners who underpronate (known as supination). This is because the brunt of the impact is borne by the outer edge of your shoe. So, the Ride ISO 2 has lots of foam underfoot to reduce impact. In turn, that means less soreness in your knees, shins, and feet.

Asics Gel-Kayano 26

The Asics Gel-Kayano 26 is the brand’s most supportive and responsive. The Gel-Kayano 26 is a stability shoe so it’s best for overpronators and those who require significant support.

With adjusted heel geometry and cushioning sculpted at an incline, the Gel-Kayano 26 puts less stress on your feet when you pronate. Asics says that its midsole technology combines two different density materials to reduce the risk of flat feet and bunions.

For a complete lineup of Asics and Saucony running shoes, come visit the clinic to get your shoes properly fitted.

Blister Medical Kit

For those in your circle who consistently get blisters, consider gifting them a kit to combat the problem. Most blister medical kits contain moleskins, alcohol pads and antiseptic wipes to treat the area and provide protection from further chafing while the blister heals.

To avoid additional friction that may further aggravate the inflamed area, use an adhesive bandage or blister pad, which is available at our Toronto foot clinic. Read more about how to properly treat blisters.

Sorel Men’s Caribou Men’s Boot

Winter is upon us and conditions in Canada can be brutal between December-February. With snow accumulating, temperatures dropping, and conditions being volatile, it’s essential to have footwear fit for the season, and for your feet. The Sorel Men’s Caribou Boot is best for heavy snow and features a waterproof upper, keeping moisture away from your feet and reducing the risk of foot problems.

The boot also features a removable liner so you can wash and reduce the build-up of sweat and bacteria over time. The Caribou Boot is rated to a bone-chilling -40 C.

In order to pick the correct footwear this winter, read our tips on how to find the pair that’s right for you.

Sorel Joan of Arctic NEXT Women’s Boot

While men have the Sorel Caribou Boot, women can turn to the Sorel Joan of Arctic Next Women’s Boot. The Joan of Arctic Next Boot is great for heavy rain, light snow, and heavy snow as it’s made for the harsh Canadian winters.

One of the worst feelings is having water-logged boots, especially when your feet get wet and temperatures drop. Fortunately, with a microfleece lining and sealed waterproof seams, your feet will stay dry and healthy this winter with these boots.

Visit our clinic for a full lineup of Sorel products and ensure you choose boots with the proper fit by trying them on in-person with the help of one of our professionals.

Darn Tough Vertex 1/4 Ultra-Light socks

Socks are absolutely crucial for the health of your feet. It’s important to find the right pair to reduce the risk of blisters, odour, and other foot problems.

Darn Tough are some of the longest-lasting and most durable socks on the market. The ¼ Ultra-Light socks are an ideal length to cover any exposed areas during the winter between your shoes and your pants if you exercise outdoors. Best of all, these socks are tough enough for winters and because of its mix of merino wool, nylon and lycra, they’re cool enough to wear in the summer too.

For more on socks that won’t break the bank, check out a complete rundown of some options from an earlier blog post.

Roll Recovery R8 Roller

The Roll Recovery R8 Roller puts what you thought of traditional massage rollers to the side with its unique design.

The deep tissue massage tool is a handheld device that you can use to roll out your muscles. Best of all, there’s no having to get onto the ground like with a traditional foam roller. Traditionally, people have had to use their own force – using bodyweight – to foam roll their muscles. With the Roll Recovery R8 Roller, the force is built into the product itself. With the R8 Roller, you roll out your muscles by placing the devices onto your legs (the pressure will automatically be applied) and moving back and forth over hot spots or trouble areas. This can be done while lying down, sitting, or even standing.

Foam rolling is particularly vital in reducing foot problems. You can address soreness and tightness in areas that may ultimately lead to lower leg problems. Generally, foam rolling can be beneficial because it improves blood flow, reduces inflammation and breaks up muscle adhesions.

For more information, and for a selection of these products and other gifts for your feet, book an appointment at Feet First Clinic or stop by in-person.

We’re open six days a week and you do not need a referral to visit the clinic.

Here’s to Many More Years of Foot Care!

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