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Last Minute Long Weekend Plans

For most, Labour Day weekend marks the end of the summer season. It’s your last chance to enjoy your favourite outdoor activities in the summer heat before you have to hit the books or get back into the grind, so make the most of it!

Whether you are planning one last weekend away at the cottage, a camping trip with friends, or a hike at sunrise, don’t forget to think about the health of your feet so they don’t get in the way of ending your summer on a blissful and memorable note.

Things to consider on what footwear to wear best this Long Weekend:

Base your footwear choices according to the activity.

If you’re going to be playing baseball or soccer, wear cleats to reinforce traction. If you’re going on a hike, wear proper hiking shoes with a rigid shank to ensure firmness when walking on rocky terrain. Even if you’re going to explore the hidden gems in your hometown, wear a supportive shoe with good cushioning in the sole. Making the right footwear choices will impact the longevity of your day, provide a stable foundation for better posture, and significantly reduce the risk of injury.

Birkenstock – Arizona Soft
NAOT – Pixie Sandal

Ensure proper fit.

Have your foot measured when you’re buying a new pair of shoes and always try them on in the store before purchasing. There should be about a finger’s width distance from your longest toe to the end of the shoe. Your footwear should also follow the general shape and width of your foot. Avoid heels higher than 2 inches and shoes with a narrow toe box. Inadequate width can result in compression of the tissues, corns, and calluses. Improperly fitted shoes increase the risk of bunions and Morton’s Neuroma.

If you own a pair of custom foot orthotics, use them!

Don’t let your orthotics go to waste. Your Chiropodist would have made your orthotics with your footwear and lifestyle in mind and therefore, should be used on a day to day basis. A custom foot orthotic is a device that works to control and improve the function of the foot, alleviating symptoms experienced in the foot and lower extremity by providing support or stability -perfect for a long day on your feet!

Have a first-aid kit ready.

Lastly, if you plan to be in the outskirts of the busy city, keep a first-aid kit handy with basic supplies such as a topical antibiotic, alcohol wipes, gauze, tape, bandages and an ice/heat pack. That way, if anything were to happen, you will be prepared and can tend to your or your loved ones’ needs right away.

Stay safe and healthy this upcoming long weekend everyone!

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