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Video Gait Analysis


We are able to employ 3D video in order to further analyze gait. Video gait analysis involves being recorded while walking on a treadmill. The video software allows us to slow and stop and zoom in on specific areas during your gait in order to educate you about your foot type and gait pattern.

Following the biomechanical assessment and gait analysis, you may be recommended certain devices, shoes and/or exercises to assist with obtaining your optimal biomechanics.

If you are recommended custom foot orthotics, you could be casted at the same appointment or a later appointment.

Orthotics are then made by heating thermoplastic and/or cork to form directly against the mold. Some designs and features will be added at the discretion of the chiropodist, taking into account footwear, activity, weight and sensitivities.

The process from casting to orthotic dispense is around 3 weeks, with rush orders available with surcharge.

The orthotics will be fitted by the chiropodist to your feet to ensure quality standards and that the orthotics were manufactured as desired.

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