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Video Gait Analysis

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Getting your gait properly assessed is very beneficial not just for foot pain, but any other pain you may be having in your body.  Our gait (the way we move when we walk) reveals a lot about our biomechanics.  Because so many foot issues are biomechanically related, this information is diagnostically very significant.  

At Feet First Clinic, our chiropodists can analyze your gait with our state-of-the-art Video Gait Analysis (VGA) equipment.  Our VGA equipment records you from different angles while you walk on a treadmill.  The video software allows us to pinpoint any irregularities with how you distribute your weight and your joints and muscles move when you walk.  The chiropodist can then use this information to determine what could be causing or contributing to your foot pain, and how to effectively treat it.  

Video Gait Analysis may be used during the biomechanical examination at your Foot Assessment or Orthotics AssessmentYou can read more about our foot assessments and biomechanical assessments here. 

To book your Video Gait Analysis, contact us at 416-769-FEET (3338) or use our online booking form. Please request our Video Gait Analysis service when booking your appointment. No referral is required 

Assessments by a chiropodist may be covered by your private health benefits plan.  For more information, see the Insurance & Coverage section below

Read below for more information about the benefits and significance of our gait and biomechanics for treating common foot issues.

Background Information

What are Biomechanics?

Everyone has a unique way of moving their body when they walk, called a “gait”.  Our gait can reveal a lot about us from a diagnostic standpoint:  It tells us how we distribute our weight when we walk, which parts of our feet may be experiencing extra pressure, which parts of our body are not pulling their weight, and which parts are compensating.  These features factor into our biomechanics – the mechanics of our body’s movement.  

The joints and muscles in our lower body absorb a lot of force and weight to help us move around.  So they have to work together as a team to do the job. When one member of the team doesn’t do its job right, it affects the whole team. It then “throws off” our biomechanics, which in turn affects our gait and causes a domino effect throughout our body.

Biomechanics play a crucial role in how we use our feet:  Abnormal biomechanics can lead to a variety of foot conditions and pain.  Conversely, a variety of foot issues can lead to abnormal biomechanics.  By correcting any biomechanical irregularities, it ensures we are using our muscles the way they were intended to be used when we walk, which in turn will reduce pain and help treat a variety of foot issues.

Click here to learn more about how our gait and biomechanics affect our feet.

Conditions Treated

Biomechanics factor in some way into just about every foot condition.  Therefore, if you are having recurring foot issues or pain, a video gait analysis may be beneficial to you.

Foot issues treated by our clinic that may be caused, contributed to, or result in biomechanical abnormalities (and would therefore benefit from a video gait assessment), include:

The Process

How Do I Get Video Gait Analysis?

Video Gait Analysis is conducted at the chiropodist’s discretion as part of the biomechanical examination performed during Foot Assessments at our clinic (see Foot Assessment for more information). Please Note: Video Gait Analysis is not always performed during foot assessments.

To book an appointment for a Foot Assessment, use our online booking form or contact us at 416-769-3338. When booking your appointment, please specify that you want a Video Gait Analysis so that our office can make the appropriate arrangements (otherwise, Video Gait Analysis may not be performed).

What Happens During Video Gait Analysis?

During the biomechanical examination at your appointment, our Video Gait Analysis equipment will record you from different angles while you walk on a treadmill.  The video software allows us to slow, stop and zoom in on specific areas during your gait in order to educate you about your foot type and gait pattern.

Based on the examination findings, the chiropodist will then diagnose your foot issues and any underlying causes. From there, the chiropodist will discuss a treatment plan with you and make recommendations for treating your foot pain. Treatment may include other services offered by our clinic, footwear recommendations and/or exercises to correct any issues with your biomechanics and help you move easier and pain-free.  

If custom orthotics are recommended, we will cast you in the same appointment. 

Insurance & Coverage

A video gait analysis is part of the biomechanical assessment performed by the chiropodist.  It would be claimed to your insurance company as a chiropodist assessment (either initial or follow-up).  Although you do not require a referral to see a chiropodist, some insurers may require a referral from a medical doctor to cover the cost of the assessment. 

Chiropodist services are covered under many supplemental insurance plans. If you are unsure about your benefits and coverage for chiropodist services, you can contact your insurance company directly, or check with your employer’s HR department to receive a breakdown of your policy. 

We recommend verifying your benefits coverage directly with your insurance company prior to your appointment. 

Please note: Chiropodist assessments are not covered by OHIP.

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