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What are Rocker Soles?

rocker sole, sometimes called a rocker bottom shoe, is a shoe sole that has a higher thickness level and rounder heel than other soles. One of the primary purposes of a rocker sole is to ensure the wearer doesn’t have a flat surface along the length of the foot.

There are two popular types of rocker soles:

  • Half-rocker soles (toe-rocker soles): The sole curves upward toward the toes.
  • Full-rocker soles (heel-to-toe rocker soles): The sole curves upward toward the toes and downwards towards the heel.

Can Wearing Rocker Soles Help With Certain Foot Conditions?

Absolutely! Chiropodists often recommend rocker soles to people with specific foot conditions, including arthritis, diabetes and metatarsalgia.

Osteoarthritis / Hallux Limitus (big toe arthritis) / Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Rocker soles help manage big toe, midfoot, and ankle arthritis. First, they limit movements of the foot joints, preventing excess tissue damage. The structure of a rocker sole also allows you to continue a normal walking motion without added strain to the joints.
  • forefoot rocker sole (half rocker sole) is excellent for big toe arthritis, as the rocker extends just behind the metatarsal heads (another term for the ball of the foot), reducing motion in the big toe joints.
  • The heel-to-toe (full rocker sole) is suitable for ankle and midfoot arthritis. Since the thickest part of the sole is towards the back of the shoe, it helps limit ankle and midfoot motion.


  • A rocker-bottom sole can help prevent the risk of diabetic ulceration. This is because rocker soles redistribute plantar pressure, alleviating this pressure under the forefoot. Diabetic neuropathy can also weaken the bones and joints in your feet. The curved structure of rocker soles mitigates this by pushing you forward to help with walking difficulty.


  • Since metatarsalgia targets the ball of the foot, rocker soles are an ideal footwear choice for those experiencing this condition. The sole reduces the pressure felt under the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th metatarsal heads.

What Shoes Have Rocker Soles?

Now it’s time to have some fun and look at a footwear selection that includes rocker roles. We’ll also highlight some other beloved shoe features that maintain consistent comfort. 

Clarks Wave 2.0 

This everyday shoe from Clarks has a full rocker sole and is excellent for activities around Toronto, helping protect your feet all day long while guaranteeing comfort. The WaveWalk motion control technology and rocker sole help you effortlessly propel forward without tiring yourself out. Furthermore, features like the laced upper provide bonus support for your ankles, and the Contoured Comfort footbed works with the rocker sole to achieve maximum comfort. Lastly, the A C-Shell membrane keeps your feet dry from rainy weather. Overall, the Clarks Wave 2.0 is a relaxed, versatile shoe perfect for the spring, summer and fall.

Clarks Wave Skip 

Rocker soles don’t just come with runners, sneakers and trainers — supportive sandals also feature them and add a spring to your step. The sporty and chic Wave Skip includes the classic Clarks WaveWalk motion control technology, supporting your gait and natural walking movements. It also includes the incredibly comfortable Contoured Comfort footbed. Lastly, the velcro straps ensure a snug fit without scraping against your skin and causing annoying blisters.

Clarks Mira Tide 

The Mira Tide is another fashion-forward and supportive sandal with a half-rocker sole. The adjustable hook-and-loop ankle strap closure ensures comfort and makes them easy to wear all day long in the summertime. Furthermore, the Cloudsteppers cushioned insole provides pillow-soft comfort. This shoe has a round open toe, bonus ankle padding, an EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) midsole, and a sockliner. EVA footbeds provide gentle shock absorption with every step, protecting your joints from wear and tear.

Saucony Endorphin Shift 2.0

This great half-rocker sole shoe helps runners and athletes with performance enhancement and propelling forward with ease. Thanks to the SPEEDROLL technology, it’s suitable for both the treadmill and the road. The rocker sole gives you a speed boost, allowing the foot and ankle to roll forward while reducing impact with the ground. The Endorphin Shift also comes with other features that physically fit people love, like plush cushioning technology (PWRRUN) and breathable upper mesh.

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