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5 Foot Health Goals For 2021

During the early months of the new year, we often try to think of ways we can improve ourselves. This can include ways to improve our physical health, and your feet should be a part of that resolution! Our feet hold us up everyday, and that means they deserve proper care and attention. Several foot conditions can catch up with us over time, and with some effort, help from a Licensed chiropodist, and self care and responsibility, we strongly believe anyone can achieve the goal of happy and healthy feet. There are countless ways you can improve your foot health, but we’ve narrowed down a few to focus on. Here are 5 foot health goals we think are important to strive for in 2021:

  • Start your annual foot care assessments
  • Get a medical pedicure
  • Fight and prevent ingrown toenails
  • Say goodbye to dry skin
  • Choose well-fitted, proper footwear

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Start Your Annual Foot Care Assessments

Everyone knows that periodic check ups play an important role in preventing and tackling numerous health problems, and your feet are no exception! One of your foot health goals can be to start 2021 off right by booking your first annual foot care assessment. Then, you can begin checking in on your feet once a year with a qualified foot expert.

During Your first visit, a downtown Toronto chiropodist will spend 30-45 minutes performing a thorough physical examination of your legs and feet. Not only that, they will also familiarize themselves with your health history. After your initial assessment, your subsequent yearly exams will consist of re-visiting your feet by inspecting them each time. Depending on what the chiropodist determines, you may need to book more than a yearly assessment in order to tend to any Foot conditions you may have.

Annual foot care assessments are recommended for everyone, however, if you have Diabetes, they are especially important. These assessments can indicate your level of risk in developing serious complications, such as foot ulcers and infections that can sometimes lead to amputation. A chiropodist can work with you to prevent these complications, and starting with your first appointment, determine the appropriate amount of appointments you should book. Diabetes related foot conditions are caused by poor blood circulation in the legs and consistently fluctuating glucose levels. They can range from foot swelling, neuropathy(loss of sensation in the feet), and the rather serious foot ulcers we mentioned.

Get A Medical Pedicure

Why not start incorporating some pampering into your year? What’s more, this pampering is also an excellent way to tend to your foot health. We highly recommend treating your feet to an occasional Medical pedicure. It is important to note that Medical pedicures differ from cosmetic pedicures, as a medical pedicure involves a more thorough cleaning of debris and dead skin in the nail beds and cuticles. Additionally, this service takes place in a foot clinic, rather than a salon.

During your medical pedicure, a licensed chiropodist will be able to detect any developing foot conditions. Likewise, they can tend to calluses and detect any fungal infections. Don’t worry, we’re not forgetting the part where they perfectly shape and trim your toenails! Not to mention the relaxing and thorough moisturizing session to conclude this highly recommended service.

Fight Ingrown Toenails 

Are you prone to ingrown toenails? We recommend fixing that issue as soon as possible! An ingrown toenail punctures the skin surrounding the toenail while it’s growing. They can become infected if left ignored for too long. Symptoms typically include swelling, redness and pain surrounding the affected toenail, with pain also sometimes felt in the nail bed or cuticle.

You can prevent ingrown toenails by investing some of your time into proper nail care. Proper nail care from home includes regular trimming and filing of the corners of your toenails. Furthermore, it is best to wear shoes with sufficient room in the toe area. Toes that are cramped and bunched too close together in shoes that are too small are a risk factor for ingrown toenails. If you already suspect you have an ingrown toenail, a chiropodist can help you determine if the following courses of action should be taken:

  • Trimming the ingrown toenail.
  • Utilization of a spacer or splint. They can be placed under the ingrown portion of the nail.
  • In the case that ingrown toenails are chronic, you may need a minor surgical procedure that removes a portion of your toenail.
  • Antibiotics may be needed if an infection is present.

A dermatologist examines a toenail affected by a fungus. Treatment of mycosis and assistance to patients with fungal diseases.

Say Goodbye To Dry Skin

Dry skin can be a huge problem in the colder months! It can affect your hands, face, and of course your feet. We think it’s important to take extra care preventing that from occurring, or from worsening. Cracked, dry skin can become quite itchy, which leads to scratching, irritation, and bleeding. If you have cracked heels, peeling skin, dry skin, or irritated skin, you should incorporate a few different things into your lifestyle in 2021, including:

  • A visit with a chiropodist. They can rule out potential infections and recommend the right medicated products.
  • A chiropodist can also regularly remove calluses, preventing further damage.
  • A visit to your local downtown Toronto foot clinic, where there will be various products available that tackle dry skin, including Dermal Therapy Cream.
  • Moisturizing and exfoliating your feet daily.
  • Wearing the right footwear that will prevent dampness in the feet, such as moisture repellent socks, especially during winter.
  • Lukewarm foot baths. Water that is quite hot can cause irritation on your skin, especially after exposure to cold weather.

Choose Well-Fitted, Proper Footwear

Are you constantly going through pairs of shoes? Do you opt for a cheaper pair, but later notice you’ve actually spent more on shoes throughout the year than if you had gotten a higher quality pair? Why not say goodbye to that habit in 2021? Another of our foot health goals you should strive for in 2021 is investing in the right footwear. There are several ways you can start providing yourself with the high quality footwear you deserve, they include considering the following products:

  • Compression Stockings: A pair of compression stockings can be a real game changer. They reduce foot and leg swelling, aching and fatigue in those who spend a lot of time on their feet. You can treat your muscles with kindness by incorporating a pair of these versatile stockings into your routine. They can also be a life saver for those who suffer from diabetes by preventing any diabetes-related complications.
  • Custom Orthotics: Custom orthotics are shoe inserts that are curated to fit snugly into your shoes and compliment the needs of your feet. If you have flat feet, or a high arch, for example, they can help reduce any associated pain or soreness.
  • Shoe FittingYou may not realize it, but your shoes may not fit snugly. A shoe fitting can ensure every aspect of your shoes are tailored to your needs, such as the toe box, heel elevation, midsole, and more. A well-fitted shoe can prevent foot conditions caused by non-supportive, lower quality shoes, including Plantar Fasciitis and Morton’s Neuroma.

Check out a full product catalogue from trusted footwear brands!

Woman ties up shoelaces on sneakers. Close up view. Healthy lifestyle concept. The girl measures new sports sneakers in the dressing room.

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