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How Pregnancy Can Affect Your Feet

Pregnancy comes with a lot of joy, anticipation and excitement, but let’s be realistic, it can be quite challenging at times as well. Your body is changing in several ways and you’re doing an excellent job keeping up with it! Despite this, you may need some help with some of the difficulties that coincide with pregnancy. In particular, pregnancy can affect your feet in numerous ways. It can cause foot swelling, known as edema, as well as overpronation, which is when your ankles roll excessively downward and inward as you walk. In this article we will explain how edema and overpronation can be risk factors for certain Foot conditions, as well as how you can prevent and treat them! Furthermore, we will touch on how your feet can grow in size during pregnancy, as well as why this can happen.

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How Pregnancy Can Affect Your Feet

During pregnancy, fluctuating hormone levels and weight gain can have a drastic effect on the body. The weight gain can cause excessive pressure to be placed on your feet, something that was not occurring prior to your pregnancy. Furthermore, many women complain that their feet actually grow in size during pregnancy. So, what exactly causes that growth? Foot size increase during pregnancy is actually due to the “fluid and tissue accumulating in the lower extremities,” according to the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle SocietyThe ligaments in your feet will also loosen during pregnancy, which can be attributed to hormonal changes. This also causes an increase in the size of your feet. Your feet can become wider, longer and the arch can become less pronounced, essentially going from a normal arch to a flat foot. These changes, if ignored, can lead to the following foot conditions: 

  • Heel Spurs – a growth that occurs on the bottom of your heel bone that can cause heel pain and swelling.
  • Metatarsalgia – pain felt in the ball of the foot.
  • Plantar Fasciitis – inflammation of the plantar fascia tissue (which runs from the heel to the toes).

How Pregnancy Can Affect Your Feet: Treatment Options

The initial goals you should strive towards should be treating foot swelling (edema) and pain, as well as preventing overpronation from developing into one of the conditions, or one of many others, mentioned above. Reaching out to your local downtown Toronto foot clinic and booking an appointment with a qualified Chiropodist would also help you reach your foot health goals.

The following treatment methods have been proven to help remedy pregnancy-related foot issues:

  • Supportive shoes that can help you adjust to foot swelling and a flatter arch.
  • Likewise, Custom made orthotics and Insoles that can support foot swelling and pain associated with flat feet.
  • Compression for foot swelling, such as using an ice pack.
  • Rest with your feet elevated.
  • Light exercise – strolls around the city during your pregnancy can work wonders.
  • Avoid foods with excessive sodium, this can exacerbate swelling.
  • Compression stockings can help pregnant women maintain proper blood circulation in the legs and feet.

How exactly can a chiropodist help you achieve these goals? First and foremost, a chiropodist can provide comprehensive care by thoroughly assessing your feet and the changes your feet are going through during pregnancy. What’s more, they can guide you through acquiring the right footwear by helping you determine the heel support, cushioning and arch support you will need. Additionally, they can give you helpful tips on ways you can walk without too much pain, as well as simple foot exercises and stretches you can perform at home. Lastly, it is common for pregnant women to experience painful corns or calluses during pregnancy, which a chiropodist can treat. You can read even more on Corns and Calluses, including how they’re treated.

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