But What Are Calluses, Really?

Calluses on your hands can be the sign of hard work accomplished but on your feet, it’s a whole other story. I have calluses on my baby toes, around the nail based on the broadness of my feet and my physical activity. I find that moving from sneakers to whatever other footwear I cram my little piggies in, they are most predominant where my feet take the most impact. And by impact, I mean squished. Not quite wide enough for a wide shoe, I rest in that in-between. Also though – here’s a plot twist, I grow calluses on my big toes on the other side of my foot! I’m always striving for balance in life, so with calluses, it is no different. 

Workman’s hands

A callus is a thickened hardened skin where your foot strikes the most. I’m all for consistency, and calluses are no different. They grow with repetitive force upon the area most impacted. Using my feet as an example, I am very conscious of my supination (my feet roll outward) particularly noticeable in my running stride and also in daily life. Standing still, I often move my feet around, but it goes unnoticed to the untrained eye. So in other activities, I focus on planting my feet firmly into the ground in that balanced manner. However, I still feel the rollout, even mid-squat. A few times weekly and when I give myself a pedicure once a month on average, I exfoliate with a pumice stone and moisturize with a callus-softening product. But alas, I could do more.

Volcanic pumice stone on the washcloth in rustic style


So what can be done by professionals if you are like me and neglect your calluses? In addition to the brief list above, exfoliating and moisturizing your feet regularly (ask us about our line of trusted Gehwol products) and making smart choices with your footwear, Feet First’s Professionals can help. Our chiropodists can remove the buildup of tissue (which is the callus itself) and help you find a solution. From Custom Orthotics to Shoe Inserts to New Well-Fitted Footwear, we are here to help!

Calluses are incredibly common, and though initially not too threatening, when left untreated they can lead to worse scenarios. Our blog has great resources available, including the following Callus related posts that are a wealth of information: 

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