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What Is A Blister?

A blister is a small fluid-filled bubble on the skin. Most blisters on your feet are friction blisters, which result from socks or shoes excessively rubbing against the skin of your feet. The ‘bubble’ itself is a natural cushion that your body produces in order to create a protective barrier between the irritated area of skin and friction-causing object.


What Are The Symptoms Of A Blister?

Symptoms of a foot blister include:

  • Circular shaped bubble (unpopped blister) or raw sore (popped blister), most commonly occurring on toes or heels
  • Fluid is clear or bloody
  • Stinging
  • Pain
  • Redness

How Do I Treat A Blister On My Foot?

For most people, blisters heal on their own within a few days. While a blister is healing, avoid footwear that caused the blister or that will aggravate the area. To avoid additional friction that may further aggravate the inflamed area, use an adhesive bandage or blister pad, which are available at our Toronto foot clinic.

If you have diabetes, a simple foot blister may need to be evaluated and treated by a chiropodist. Nerve or circulation problems make it more difficult for injuries to heal and a simple foot blister can become an infected wound. Individuals with diabetes must regularly examine their feet for blisters.

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What Causes Blisters?

Certain risk factors may increase your chances of developing a blister on your foot:

  • Wearing shoes that are too tight or too loose and persistently rub against the skin
  • Wearing shoes with prominent seams
  • Sweaty feet

How Do I Prevent Blisters On My Feet?

Here are various foot care solutions you can do to prevent blisters on your feet:

  • Wear shoes that fit properly
  • Gradually break in new shoes
  • Wear wool or other moisture-wicking socks during exercise
  • Sprinkle baby powder in your socks if you get friction blisters due to sweaty feet
  • If your feet rub along a specific area of your shoe, wearing an insole may reposition extra padding and reduce friction
  • Properly lace your shoes to prevent heel slippage
  • Protect blister-prone areas with soft material, such as moleskin

*Moisture control socks, insoles, foot powders, and blister bandages are available in our Toronto foot clinic; open Monday-Friday 10am-7pm and Saturday 10am-4pm.

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