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Last Minute Stocking Stuffers That Are Great For Your Feet

The holidays are a hectic time of year and sometimes we leave some of our shopping to the last minute! This can be especially true when it comes to last minute touches, such as stocking stuffers. If this sounds like you, don’t worry! Rest assured, we’ve got you covered if you need some last minute goodies to add to someone’s stocking, or if you’re still looking for that perfect gift. Coupled with the fact that these are great for our feet and foot health this winter, we’re confident in our ability to give you some last minute ideas for holiday gift giving. These products help prevent foot pain, foot conditions and skin conditions. Furthermore, some of these goodies will help keep your favourite shoes protected from looking worn or rough around the edges.

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers That Are Great For Your Feet Include:

  • Gehwol Night Time Routine Bundle
  • Sigvaris Sports Compression Socks
  • Anodyne Leather Shoe Conditioner
  • Compression Pantyhose
  • Gehwol Medical Salve For Cracked Skin
  • Superfeet Insoles

Christmas stockings hanging by the chimney

Gehwol Night Time Routine Bundle

Bundle deals are exciting and greatly appreciated during the holidays! What’s more, they give you the opportunity to treat someone to a variety of products. If you’d like to do this for someone who spends a lot of time on their feet at work, the Gehwol Night Time Routine Bundle may be the perfect gift for them! Additionally, it’s the perfect gift or stocking stuffer idea for someone who is too busy for proper foot care and may need the right introduction to the perfect routine. This self-care bundle includes a soothing leg balm, revitalizing foot bath, and a moisturizing foam.

Sigvaris Sports Compression Socks

If your friend or loved one is the athletic type, you can opt for a pair of Sigvaris Sports Compression Socks as a last minute gift or stocking stuffer. Please note that if you’d like to treat someone to a pair of compression stockings, it’s best that they’re in the know, since they will need a proper fitting. Despite the lack of surprise, the gesture is still a good one that they will appreciate, and you can incorporate the fitting into their gift, if you like! Known for their ability to rejuvenate tired, achy muscles, as well as their knack for preventing lactic acid build up, a pair of these may be just what someone needed! They’re a gift idea that’s certainly long lasting and will be used regularly. They will greatly improve the quality of life for that physically active special person in your life.

Interested in learning more about compression stockings? Click here to learn about the different varieties, as well as the numerous health benefits they provide.

Anodyne Leather Shoe Conditioner

Do you know someone who cherishes their favourite pair of leather shoes? Or perhaps you know someone who wants to protect their newly purchased shoes? Whatever the reason, shoe care means a lot to many people. A great stocking stuffer or small gift idea would be the Anodyne Leather Shoe Conditioner! Found on page 17 of their catalogue, this product protects leather shoes from the harshness of weather and prevents them from looking tattered or shabby. Applying this conditioner to shoes cleans them, protects their colour, and conserves and softens the leather.


Birkenstock Deluxe Shoe Care Kit

Stocking stuffers that are great for our feet are even better when they come as a bundle! Another great bundle that allows someone to enjoy several products is the Deluxe Shoe Care Kit from Birkenstock, found on page 26 of their catalogue. Commonly assumed to be a company that only makes sandals, Birkenstock’s kit includes leather protector, shoe cleaner, cork sealer, and a suede brush! A handy accessory kit that focuses on shoe protection may be just what someone wanted this year! A great pair of well-fitting, high quality shoes should last as long as possible, and that’s exactly what this kit will help someone achieve.

Superfeet Insoles

Another great last-minute stocking stuffer or gift idea are Superfeet insoles. These high-quality insoles come in a various designs that target different needs. Superfeet curate insoles suitable for sports enhancement, hiking, running, or simply everyday walking. Do you have a friend who enjoys frequent walks or hikes? Or perhaps a loved one who enjoys running? Whatever the activity, Superfeet has an insole for the man or woman in your life who needs that extra support. For instance, yellow Superfeet insoles are made to accomodate hockey players by fitting snugly inside their skates. What’s more, Superfeet insoles can help treat, as well as prevent, such foot conditions as Morton’s Neuroma, Blisters, Bunions, and Plantar Fasciitis.

Compression Pantyhose

The benefits that come with compression socks also apply to Compression PantyhoseSimilar to the Sigvaris Sports Compression Socks, there will be a lack of surprise by gifting a pair of these to someone. This is because they will need a proper fitting with a foot specialist. However, the gesture will be greatly appreciated, as compression pantyhose are an excellent gift for any working woman. Specifically, they’re great for women who spend a lot of time on their feet while experiencing foot and leg fatigue or discomfort. To gift a pair of compression pantyhose to someone special, you can schedule their fitting with a Toronto foot specialist and then offer to pay for the pantyhose.

Gehwol Medical Salve For Cracked Skin

In addition to their night time routine bundle, Gehwol’s Medical Salve For Cracked Skin is another great product from the trusted brand. Perfect for cracked heels and dry skin, most people could benefit from this practical stocking stuffer. This is especially true during the Toronto winter season. A great introductory product to foot care, your friend or loved one will hopefully be inspired to ditch other bad foot care habits. These habits could include wearing bad shoes, also known as “shoe icide,” or the habit of wearing low quality shoes. Once they feel the relief that comes with this product, your loved one will be appreciative, and hopefully take that next step towards proper foot care.


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Need Some Last Minute Stocking Stuffers? We’ve Got You Covered! 

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