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Foot Product Gifts

10 DIY Foot Product Gifts For Less Than $60

Christmas and the holidays are approaching. It’s time to prepare your wishlist, and plan what your gifts for your loved ones will be. Encourage proper foot health by opting for any number of these foot product gifts this holiday season.

Why not buy your loved one a gift that they’ll actually use? Buy the gift of healthy feet, and proper foot hygiene with some do-it-yourself products. These 10 DIY foot product gifts encourage proper foot care, and can be purchased for less than $60, making them a great option for stocking stuffers, or as a wrapped present.

As Toronto’s leading foot clinic, Feet First Clinic carries all 10 of these foot product gifts in-house. Open six days a week including Saturday for your convenience. For even more options, check out our full product list for what we carry in-store.

10 DIY foot product gifts for less than $60

Superfeet insole – $45-$55

Foot Product Gifts

You won’t find a better pre-made orthotics than Superfeet. These premium insoles and shoe inserts come in a variety of options, including for sport and for casual use, and retail for less than $60. Best of all, you can easily swap these in and out of each pair of shoes you use with zero hassle.

If you’re looking for something a bit more durable, and moulded to your foot, we at Feet First Clinic also do custom foot orthotics.


Gehwol Med Deodorant Foot Cream – $20

Foot Product Gifts

Oh no, Foot Odour. Thanks to this deodorant foot cream, you can avoid smelly feet all together. With regular application, this Gehwol product helps prevent foot odour, and protects the skin against fungal infections, while leaving the skin soft and smooth.


Gehwol Refreshing Foot Bath – $18

A refreshing foot bath formula can help counteract sore, aching and sweaty feet while invigorating tired feet, soothing sore feet and eliminating any unpleasant burning sensation. Gehwol’s Foot Bath has a lasting deodorizing action and promotes the circulation with essential oils. The skin is deeply cleansed and kept resistant and supple with sodium carbonate which softens hard skin, corns and calluses.


Orthosleeve FS6 – $50

Compression attire is great way to reduce swelling, improve circulation, and relieve foot pain. The Orthosleeve FS6 hones in on the ankle and plantar, reducing pain resulting from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, swollen feet, and more. If you’re on your feet all day – including as a nurses, teachers, retail workers, hairdressers, food service workers, and more – this compression sleeve may be just what you’re looking for if you experience foot pain and swelling. As standing for long periods of time pools blood in your legs, compression gear can help encourage blood flow. The FS6’s shaped-to- fit design allows it to mold perfectly to your foot shape, support your arches, and relieve your foot pain.


Strassburg Sock – $50

The Strassburg sock helps relieve heel pain when you sleep. Specifically, this sock is designed to hold the plantar fascia in the optimum healing position at night. Whole you sleep, the sock keeps the foot at dorsiflexion, and over the course of 2-3 weeks, can help lessen the pain associated with plantar fasciitis. The Strassburg sock is particularly appealing because you don’t need to wear it throughout the day. Rather, wear it at night, and you’ll forget you even have it on.


Massage ball – $10-$15

One of the most effective do-it-at-home foot treatments is self-massage. Whether it’s through foam rolling, or with a massage ball, self-therapy helps encourage blood flow, and can help prevent many common foot conditions. Medilogics massage balls are affordable, durable, and portable.


Foot file – $20

Sometimes the simplest measures can be the most effective. Pamper your feet at home with a Feet First Clinic-approved foot file. This handy tool gently buffs away rough, dry, and calloused skin. Portable too, you can bring a foot file on vacation, or wherever you go for extended periods of time. At just $20, this affordable product is the gift that keeps on giving, for weeks, months, and years to come.


Dermal Therapy Medical Grade Creams & Lotions – $15

Dermal Therapy Heel Care actively moisturizes, exfoliates, and smoothes thick, callused, severely dry heels and feet. This medical grade cream includes a 25% urea formula that helps relieve severely dry skin. Urea is an important part of healthy young skin’s natural moisturizing system.


Naot Scandinavian Footbed Footwear – $50

Foot Product Gifts

Make any shoe you own more comfortable by a Naot footbed. A footbed is like an insole, that over time moulds to your foot, and provides optimum comfort and support. These can be particularly useful when wearing formal footwear that don’t offer the support of everyday shoes. Swap these in, or out, and you’re good to go in seconds.


Infracare bunion exerciser – $14

Bunions are an angular boney protrusion that forms at the site of the large joint that connects your big toe to your foot. It’s a prevalent condition, affecting up to one in three people over the age of 18. For many, bunions pose no problem, and you can absolutely live comfortably with bunions. However, there are a number of exercises and products that can make your life more comfortable. This centres aroud strengthening toe joint and related muscles. Enter, the Infracare bunion exericser. This toe strengthener is made of a durable elastic and soft toe pads that give you a comfortable grip on your toes to enable a gentle stretch of the muscles of the toe joint.

Additional exercises for bunions include: Toe spread-outs, toe circles, foot rolls, item pickup, and barefoot walking.


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