Small Skin Problems Can Be a Big Issue When you Have Diabetes

One of the symptoms that comes from long-standing and untreated diabetes is peripheral neuropathy, which means nerve damage experienced in the feet and legs. Peripheral neuropathy causes numbness, making it difficult to feel minor injuries. A cut, blister or wart could go completely unnoticed for a long time.

What’s worse is that diabetes can affect your ability to heal from an injury, which can lead to a serious infection. If you are living with diabetes, here are three small skin problems that you should respond to right away for the sake of your health.

Ingrown Nails

An ingrown toenail is a toenail that breaks into the border of the nail bed instead of straight-ahead, causing pain and swelling. An ingrown toenail is often caused by footwear that is too small, poor trimming or injuries. Sadly, the problem can also be hereditary.

Clipping the nail further down could make the situation much worse and expose the toe to greater infection. One of our chiropodists can help you tackle the problem. If you haven’t come into the clinic before, you can meet our Toronto foot specialists today online or meet them at your first appointment.

Plantar Wart

A plantar wart is a form of the Human Papillomavirus that grows on the bottoms of your feet. The virus enters through a crack in the skin, causing a wart that looks similar to a corn or foot callus. Putting pressure on the wart can be painful and make walking difficult.

To ensure safe removal and prevent further infection, you should avoid DIY wart removal. Book an appointment with a chiropodist at the clinic if you need a foot wart removed — they will figure out what medicinal or surgical treatment plan works for you.


The blister begins as a fluid-filled pocket covering the injured area. Your first instinct may be to lance it at home, but you should fight the temptation. The pocket guards the vulnerable area against infections from fungus, viruses and bacteria. Signs of infection are inflammation and unusual colouring like yellow or purple.

If you have a foot blister, you should gently clean it and dry it without bursting the fluid pocket. Cover it with a gauze bandage and avoid putting pressure on it. Then, you can see our podiatry clinic today to get a chiropodist to safely remove it and treat the damage left behind.


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Diabetes Canada recommends that people living with the condition practice daily foot care so that they can take stock of injuries and skin problems. Look at the bottoms of your feet, your nails, your heels and even between your toes for any red flags. If you have difficulty seeing the bottoms of your feet, you can use a mirror or ask for a confidante to do the investigation for you.

These problems start out small, but they can spiral out of control when you don’t have a strong enough immune system to combat them. This doesn’t mean you should panic every time you spot a wart or a blister forming. It just means you should make note of the change and head on over to the clinic to sort it out as quickly as possible.


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