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Diabetes Foot Care

The Diabetes Foot Care Connection

Autumn and back to school can be an incredibly busy time of year. If you have a demanding job and kids in school, it’s easy to get completely carried away and throw out any time you might need for self-care. This can be a catastrophic mindset, since preventative care for your mind and body is the best recipe for health – it’s easier to prevent a problem than it is to fix it. This philosophy applies to all forms of healthcare, and foot care is no exception. If you require wart removal treatments or suffer from knee and back pain due to an abnormal gait, it is imperative that you seek the aid of a knowledgeable Foot Doctor as soon as possible.

Fall Foot Conditions

Diabetes Foot Care

In the autumn, we also tend to switch from sandals and deck shoes to socks and closed shoes that hide our feet. If you have warts or athlete’s foot, there’s less motivation to deal with it, since your feet aren’t exposed. If you are a healthy individual and you’re incredibly busy, it’s not the end of the world if you procrastinate for a bit as long as you keep it in mind. If, on the other hand, you suffer from diabetes and develop toenail fungus or sores on your feet, it may actually pose a severe threat to your health if you don’t seek treatment immediately.

Why Are People With Diabetes At Higher Risk For Foot Conditions?

The reason that folks with diabetes are at a higher risk for complications is that they have reduced blood circulation in their feet and are prone to skin infection (cellulitis). This is why the diabetes foot care connection is so important. Nerve disorders can create huge problems, since your pain receptors are not able to alert you to serious damage that has occurred. Whether or not you have diabetes, if you suffer from cellulitis, seek Toenail Fungus Help in Toronto as soon as you can – otherwise your toenails may never recover.

Further advice for those with diabetes is to wear compression socks or stockings to increase blood circulation. Compression socks really work, and they come in a myriad of styles to suit whatever setting you might find yourself in.

If you’re not sure how to tell that you have toenail fungus, here are some clear signs to look for:

  • Thickened
  • Yellow-brown or whitish change in colour
  • crumbly or ragged, possibly brittle
  • Shape is warped
  • Blackish colouration, triggered by debris building up under nail
  • Offensive odour


This may sound scary, but the actual process to rectify the situation is not so bad. A combination of oral and topical medication is often prescribed to get at the condition from both angles. If the patient wears nail polish, medicated nail polish (Penlac) is a strategic option to cover up the condition while treating it. In extreme cases, the doctor may remove the offending nail to apply cream directly to the infection.


Closed Toe Shoes

Once you’ve got your foot health back, or if you’re already healthy and want to avoid such infections, wear moisture absorbing/ wicking socks and shoes that breathe. If you shower at the gym, always wear flip flops and keep your nails well-trimmed. Feet First Clinic retails plenty of Breathable Footwear if you need help.

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