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Yellow Bottoms of the Feet: What it Means

Oh no, yellow feet! This seemingly alarming skin pigmentation is not usually cause for concern and is far more common than you think. Yellow feet commonly present as yellow bottoms of the feet and are usually not an immediate emergency. That said, they should be looked at during a foot assessment as there may be underlying medical causes or dermatological conditions at play. Let’s review the top culprits for yellow skin on the bottom of your feet. 

Calluses and Corns

If the yellow skin on your feet feels hard to the touch and only occurs in certain spots (the whole foot isn’t yellow), you probably just have a lot of thick calluses!

Imagine your feet are like well-trodden paths; the more you walk on them without protective footwear, the thicker and tougher they become, forming “callused armour” which often has a yellow hue. 

One of the most well-known podiatric concerns, calluses can be treated if they become a problem for hygienic reasons and also to prevent them from becoming more painful, infected or ruining your skin’s integrity and strength.

Corns can also cause thick, yellow skin.  

Calluses and corns can be easily removed by a chiropodist using sterilized, medical-grade equipment. Read more about how our chiropodists treat calluses.


A dermatological condition called hyperkeratosis causes excessive hard and yellow calluses that can cover the majority of the bottom of your foot. When combined like this they can be a lot worse than solitary calluses and are more likely to crack, bleed, and hurt.


You are what you eat! And in this case, you may be eating too many carotene-rich foods (like carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins — anything orange!) if the entire bottom of your foot has a mild, yellow hue. The good news? This is harmless. 

While noticing this effect on the bottom of the feet can be disconcerting, it may also occur on your face, which might have a positive effect on your confidence. Studies show these mild, facial skin changes can contribute to the overall appearance of health and vitality in humans. Pretty cool! 


Jaundice is a serious occurrence that points to a poorly functioning liver, gallbladder or pancreas. Your doctor will help you determine the root cause. 

A tell-tale sign that you’re experiencing jaundice is if the yellow colour is quite strong, and if the whites of your eyes are also yellow (sclera). 

If you don’t have any other symptoms outside of mildly yellow feet, it’s unlikely you have jaundice, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Fungal Infections

Athlete’s foot causes flaky and itchy skin clusters around your toes and the ball of the foot.  They look red or pink when irritated, but sometimes turn whitish yellow. Don’t try to treat this at home – you might damage your skin and nail health. Seek guidance from your local Toronto foot clinic instead! They can point you towards the right ointments, creams and other treatments. Learn more about treatment and prevention.


This medical condition affects your red blood cells and impairs oxygen flow throughout your body. The entire foot or entire bottom of the foot will have a bright, yet mild, yellow tint. If your feet are cold to the touch in addition to being yellow, you might have anemia. 

Are the Bottoms of Your Feet Yellow? Get Help From Feet First Clinic!

Our Toronto foot clinic can help determine what’s causing your yellow feet, and if it’s a foot condition, we can certainly treat it! Call us at (416) 769-3338 or book an appointment here!

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