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Holistic Approach to Foot Health

A Holistic Approach to Foot Health: Unsung Heroes Of The Body

Here at Feet First Toronto Foot Clinic, we treat a lot of folks with Gait Issues that afflict their knees and back. People who have never experienced serious gait issues might assume that issues concerning the feet end at the ankles, but this is not the case at all. As medicine in general starts trending towards a more holistic approach to the body, the importance of proper gait and foot health in relation to the entire body comes clearly into focus.

This heightened awareness of the inter-connectedness of the body should improve people’s understanding of pain treatment. Historically, people assumed that when they were in pain they needed to treat the region of their body where the pain manifested – in reality, often the discomfort is the result of tension or an imbalance or injury in a separate region. While this holds true across many different muscle groups (neck pain, for example, often originates in the pectorals), at our clinic we mainly see it in the form of gait issues causing intense pain in the knees and back. This rule is not universal however, when you seek Plantar Fasciitis Treatment in Toronto for the pain in the bottom of your foot, you will learn that the pain originates from an inflammation in the plantar fascia, which is the largest ligament in the body, sitting at the heel of the foot.

People's Shoes and Feet Standing

Once our patients find their way to us, we begin the healing process by implanting stretching and light exercise and taking a look at their movement patterns through 3D video gait analysis. This allows us to pinpoint the movement in need of correcting, so that while the patient heals, they can also implement preventative measures to alleviate their discomfort.

Runner’s Pain

For many patients, one frustrating aspect of healing is that they cannot exercise due to the pain and the fragility of their bodies. Often, it is avid runners who experience acute knee and back pain from years of running with a faulty gait or a heavy heel strike. The worst thing they can do is continue to run through the healing process. Eventually, once the gait has been corrected and Appropriate Footwear has been settled on to complement the patient’s Foot Type and movement pattern, our foot specialists will recommend a bit of light jogging to slowly start working back up to longer runs. Continuing to run while the pain is still intense could have disastrous effects (see: Running Injuries), making running an impossibility.

Releasing the Tension

People Standing With Shoes and High Heels Holistic Approach to Foot Health

As medicine explores the link between mind and body, doctors find the way we carry psychological tension in the body often accentuates pain. Chronic pain often takes on a life of its own long after an injury has healed and sometimes the only solution is to rest the nervous system and let the tension dissipate on its own. In a culture where we reward constant action, this strategy is certainly a tough sell.

Give Your Feet The TLC They Deserve

Whether you need Plantar Warts removed in Toronto or help correcting your gait, Feet First Clinic is here to help with friendly knowledgeable staff, a holistic approach to foot health, and the technology and tools to make a positive difference. Call us today 416-769-3338 or request an appointment here!

Here’s to Many More Years of Foot Care!

At Feet First Clinic, we’re always excited to welcome new clients! After a successful 12 years of treating our amazing patients, we’re ready to continue offering only the best foot care services and products. Give us a call to ask our friendly staff any questions you may have! Our Toronto foot specialists are ready to help!

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