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What to Expect in a Foot Treatment: A Sneak Peek of Your First Visit at a Foot Clinic

August 7, 2019

You’re having some problems with your feet, maybe it’s a painful ingrown toenail or heel pain or even a stubborn wart that won’t go away and you’ve made an appointment with a Registered Chiropodist at your local foot clinic. The appointment is approaching and you’re feeling a little anxious because of the unknown, unfamiliar territory you will be encountering. What will happen? What do I have to bring? Will it be uncomfortable? Here is a quick read on what to expect at your first appointment at a foot clinic to help you calm those nerves.

Firstly, bring with you a list of your medications and any allergies you may have, and keep in mind any pertinent medical history to your chief complaint or reason for visit. Providing as much detail as possible to your health care provider will help build a complete picture to conclude an informed diagnosis and the best treatment plan. In addition, bring your insurance information with you as chiropody visits are covered under most insurance plans with extended health benefits.

Once you arrive to your initial appointment, you will likely be greeted by the receptionist and asked to fill out an intake form. You will then be escorted to a treatment room where a chiropodist will ask you to remove your shoes and socks and voice your concerns with your feet.


After this, the chiropodist will take a look at your feet and carry out the necessary assessments to determine differential diagnoses. Depending on the reason for your visit, the chiropodist will check for the following:

  • Circulation or blood flow to your feet
  • Neurological status
  • Changes to or concerns with the skin and toenails
  • Biomechanical abnormalities (ie limited or excessive range of motion in joints, areas of pain, overpronation, flat feet, etc)

After the assessment, the chiropodist will explain his or her findings and propose a treatment plan. Treatment will only commence with your consent. In general, treatment is usually painless. In fact, more often than not, if you enter the appointment with pain or discomfort, you will leave relieved of that pain.

Finally, although it may seem unusual to you to have someone look at or touch your feet, know that it is second nature to the Chiropodist.

Your chiropodist would have seen numerous amounts of feet, all of different shapes, colours, and sizes, and encountered a variety of foot concerns.

So don’t be embarrassed, and don’t be afraid to receive the care you need.

Here’s to Many More Years of Foot Care!

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