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Anti-Inflammatory All-Stars for Gout

This past summer, my dad, a worshipper of the sun, fell prey to a misery-inducing bout of gout. No stranger to the ailment, this time around, it derailed his plans to enjoy the heat, leaving him bedridden for much of the time. 

Gout is an inflammatory arthritic condition that inhibits movement in your joints due to an excess of uric acid in your blood. Purine is a naturally occurring chemical in your body that can also be found in foods and breaks down into uric acid (the waste substance created.) About these two things, they go hand in hand (or foot in foot) when perpetuating gout. Therefore, a gout-friendly diet that consists of low purine foods does not hold the cure, but it does help to flush the excess uric acid from your system.

Back to my dad, a man who enjoys meat and beer, it has always been a fun challenge to try to get him to adhere to a more plant-based diet that I have for nearly my whole life at this point, adhered to. The interesting correlation we share is our blood type, being A+. The Blood Type Diet suggests that a vegetarian diet is better for our type and I would attribute my diet and lifestyle choices to my ongoing good health. I have gout on my radar but do not fear the genetics if I am living with the intention of prevention. With all that being said, I did miss having a drinking buddy this past summer. 

My love language is a very nurturing one matched with my affinity for all things wellness, so naturally, I went right to the internet. Many of the diet choices he was already aware of due to his medical history, but it is the consistency of the ‘bad’ habits that brought gout back on, so it was time to balance it out with the good. He is still struggling, though is far more mobile at this point. No doubt the flushing of the excess uric acid at a consistent rate has contributed to the forward momentum. 


The literal flushing of the system. Drink water all day, every day. This is a recommendation for anyone, but particularly the understanding of eliminating the acid from your system, water is key. I have heard of the value of alkaline water balancing out the acidity levels, in this scenario specifically, and this has been ongoing experimentation with some proven success.


The darker the cherry, the better the health properties. I had a lovely conversation with an older gentleman one day who had been ingesting cherry juice for years. He was incredibly agile, still boxing for exercise, with a gorgeous complexion, and well into his 80’s, so I was taking in everything he was saying. He told the story of sending cherry juice from the local seller (we had in common, which started our chat) and sending it to his nephew in Florida who was going through chemotherapy to take daily. His nephew is now cancer-free. 

Fresh ripe black cherries background Top view Close up


The sweet tropical fruit contains bromelain, an anti-inflammatory enzyme known to be a great stomach soother, and can often be found in natural skincare products. If bromelain can ease spastic conditions in your gut and on your skin, it is an obvious multi-functional treatment for any inflammation.



Vibrant in its golden hue, delicious as a warm latte, this popular spice contains curcumin, a potent anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant. I often have a bottle of turmeric capsules in my gym bag for post-workout, and I have am a sucker for a slightly sweetened beverage.


Like it’s pal turmeric above, ginger holds the magic properties of anti-inflammation and anti-oxidants through gingerols and shogaols, agents for effective change in our bodies. The spicy powerhouse will heat you up and heal what ails you. I always have ginger root in the fridge and sneakily have ginger candies hiding in my car for a little kick. 


Bonus: Coffee

There are contradictory studies on the efficacy of coffee for gout sufferers. However, a cup a day has shown to be a positive reinforcement. I believe the quality of the bean and of course how you doctor up your morning cup of magic should also be considered, but it is an exciting addition to the gout-friendly diet.

Finally, the biggest lifestyle choice one can make is your attitude toward whatever health issue you are dealing with. Knowing that instilling a better mindset and taking positive action will inevitably lead to desired results and you will be able to regain your sense of freedom as you take better care of yourself. 

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