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Cracked Toenail


What Is A Cracked Toenail?

Our toes face trauma every day and from time to time our toenails can crack, split, or break. Cracks can be painful and leave toenails vulnerable to infection. The most common causes include:
  • Trauma, such as stubbing or dropping something on your toe
  • Toenail repeatedly hitting inside the tip of your shoe, due to:
    • Shoes that are too big
    • Shoes that are too small
    • Participating in sports such as ballet and tennis

What Are The Symptoms Of A Cracked Toenail?

Nail cracks can be minor and simply aesthetically problematic, or severe, with a crack extending all the way to the nail bed. In some cases, the toenail completely detaches from the nail bed. Cracks can occur with and without toenail breakage and may be a symptom of other foot conditions such as a fungal toenail infection.


How Do I Treat A Cracked Toenail?

While the only way to eliminate a cracked toenail is for the nail to grow out, there are remedies that can be used to prevent pain or further aggravation of the toenail during the growing out process.
If you have a severe crack that extends down into your nail bed or causes bleeding, it is recommended that you book an appointment with a chiropodist as soon as possible.
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It is always recommended that anyone with diabetes sees a chiropodist for both minor and severe toenail cracks.
Risk Factors

What Causes Cracked Toenails?

Certain risk factors may increase your chances of having cracked toenails:
Certain athletes have an increased risk of cracked toenails:
  • Swimmers
  • Dancers
  • Long distance runners
  • Soccer players

How Do I Prevent Cracked Toenails?

Here are various foot care solutions you can do to prevent cracked toenails:
  • Moisturize toenails daily
  • Avoid toenail polish, especially shellac
  • Wear closed-toed shoes
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