Best Places To Walk in Toronto

Best Places To Walk In Toronto

Earlier this month, we began discussing the joys of summer walking in our fair city of Toronto. We spent so much time exploring debilitating foot conditions – such as Toenail Fungus – that we lost track of time and were only able to cover the Rosedale Ravine and High Park. We’re lucky enough to live in a city within a park; might as well take advantage! These are some of the best places to walk in Toronto.

Being based in the west end of the city, we’re pretty savvy concerning the walking paths out this way. In the previous edition, we discussed High Park and its seemingly infinite number of paths. Today we’re going to talk about a walk that consists of one path and one path only: the West Toronto Rail Path.

West Toronto Rail Path

Best Places To Walk in Toronto

This revitalized, post-industrial hipster’s paradise is a super fun – if somewhat short – stroll. It runs from Dundas pretty well up to Dupont and is well suited to dog walkers, cyclists and tourists alike. Businesses like Henderson’s Brewery and the Drake Commissary make for great stops along the way, and the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) is slated to open a space to the public in a huge building that sits along the path. Additionally, the mixture of industrial scenery and green art projects makes for a pretty neat contrast that your whole family will appreciate! So strap on your walking shoes (preferably a pair with good arch support), and hit the rail path!

The Beaches Boardwalk

Just because our Toronto foot clinic is tucked away in the west end of the city, doesn’t mean we don’t occasionally venture over to the east end of the city for some of the best places to walk in Toronto. In fact, walking the Queen Street Strip just north of the beaches, it’s hard not to think of this area as the sister strip to Bloor West Village with all the friendly folks and cute boutiques and cafés. If you’ve never taken the time to walk along the Beaches Boardwalk on a sunny day, you are truly missing out. It feels more like the ocean than Lake Ontario, you can grab some ice cream at Beaches and Cream and walk out onto the Ashbridges Peninsula to catch the sunset!

Trillium Park

Best Places To Walk In Toronto

This brand new park owned by the province of Ontario is right on the waterfront, just south of exhibition place. There’s a fire pit, cycling and walking paths, lots of hills to gaze out on the lake or the skyline and, best of all, a public fire pit to warm you up on those chilly nights making it one of the best places to walk in Toronto. The park offers little shade for now, but the city’s planted over a thousand trees that will transform the space in coming years! So grab your bike or a pair of Saucony’s outfitted with custom orthotics and the heel-toe express for a ride through Trillium!

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