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Best Walks In Toronto

While many people who live in Ontario tend to be Toronto-centric – believing, that is, that the rest of province revolves around the GTA – savvy Torontonians and folks who live outside the city know how great the more obscure nooks of the province are. In fact, this city offers an abundance of greenspace, so we decided to list the best walks in Toronto.

Best Walks in Toronto

As summer winds down and the more focused, serious mood of autumn settles in, it’s a great idea to get out of the city and go for a hike. Even if you don’t have camping gear, there are plenty of great day trips you can jump on, so you can still be home in time for dinner. Here at Feet First Clinic, we offer Plantar Fasciitis Treatments that really work and generally do our best to ensure our clients have healthy feet and – by extension – bodies so that they can enjoy vigorous walks and the natural beauty of Ontario.

What Does A Foot Specialist Do?

Contrary to what some people believe, a knowledgeable Foot Specialist can offer much, much more than treatments for acute paint and nasty warts. Foot specialists can help recondition the way you walk to reduce back pain, knee pain and generally straighten your posture! As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, everybody develops their own unique primal movement pattern, which is akin to your DNA, but expresses itself as motion. Our 3D video gait analysis gives us – and more importantly you – a deeper understanding of the damage caused by what may be an abnormal gait. This understanding can help you consciously alter the way you move (this requires patience and takes time), while we create custom orthotic inserts from molds of your feet.

Ideally, you’ll pair those custom inserts with excellent shoes from brands like Clark’s and Ara, which we retail as well. Soon enough you’ll be ready to hit the trail. Stretching and warming up, especially doing a plantar stretch, is essential when you’re getting ready for a hike. In terms of primal movement patterns, keeping a straight back and avoiding aggressive heel strikes will make life easier for your body.

Best Walks In Toronto And The GTA

If you do find a day to make it out to Ontario’s awesome trails, here are a couple suggestions, near and far to the city:

Mt. Nemo

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Hawks and vultures cruise the thermals in this Halton hiking area less than an hour from the city. Mt Nemo is located near Guelph and on a clear day, you can get a panoramic view of the escarpment and even see the CN Tower in the distance. There is also rock climbing for those inclined, and many, many paths to facilitate a custom adventure!

Scarborough Bluffs Scarborough Bluffs in Scarborough Ontario Canada

While this lies within the boundaries of the GTA, it’s a good option if you can’t make it out of the city. The bluffs are  beautiful with a short, but worthwhile five-kilometer trail to walk on. There’s plenty of beaches and parks to explore as well, so bring a picnic basket and take your time; soon enough, you won’t be able to sit outside!

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