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Ankle Foot Orthotics


An ankle foot orthotic is a brace device that supports the lower leg and the foot. It is used to maintain normal ankle motion and hold the foot and ankle in correct position. This device may be indicated for those with a condition called foot drop.


Individuals with neurological or musculoskeletal conditions that cause muscle weakness or muscle tightness and consequently change ankle foot joint mobility may benefit from ankle foot orthotics. These individuals may have difficulty clearing the ground or the front of their foot drags on the floor when they walk. People who have suffered from a stroke or have foot drop due to a nerve injury are susceptible to this. An AFO will help to maintain normal gait patterns and prevent compensations in other parts of the body.


An ankle foot orthotic device is a brace made out of hard plastic that will align the foot and ankle at an optimal angle, stabilize the ankle joint, and support the arches, and may even dynamically assist in ground clearance. Depending on the mobility of the ankle joint, stability of the knee, and indications for the brace, one of the following may be recommended:

  • hinged assist
  • standard
  • restricted hinge
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