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Fall Footwear Flair: Ensuring Healthy Feet in Autumn Fashion

Seasonal foot health is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for fall footwear. It’s not just about replacing your sandals with boots — it’s about ensuring your feet are protected with high quality materials, and investing in brands that use effective technologies to prevent painful foot conditions

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Autumn Shoe Trends: Healthy Footwear Meets Style

So, what exactly do you need for fall? Take a look below for what you should be on the hunt for when revamping your fall shoe collection. 

Warm and Waterproof Materials

Many high-quality manufacturers are using Gore-TEX membrane in their shoes to protect your feet from unwanted moisture, which can be a real issue in the fall. The material works by grouping together billions of miniscule pores that make it impossible for water to get through. Shoes made with Gore-TEX are also good for blocking the cold air from the wind while maintaining breathability.

You can hold off on highly insulated boots and features like shearling lining til the winter rolls around, but it’s still important to keep your toes cozy in the fall. Look for boots and shoes with good seam sealing and leather or suede waterproof uppers. High-quality rubber outsoles can also help trap warmth. 

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Your shoes should always allow for a pleasant walking experience. With proper fall footwear, your feet won’t feel painful at the end of a long day. Look for comfortable boots and runners with a good amount of shock absorption and cushioning to protect your joints, muscles and bones from the ground’s impact. You can also find shoes with removable footbeds so you can easily wear them with your own custom orthotics or inserts


A solid grip on slippery, wet pavement is crucial all year long. However, this is extra important in the fall when it gets colder and black ice starts to form. Search for shoes with molded rubber outsoles and high traction rubber to avoid a painful foot injury. As a bonus, high traction can also enhance your running performance

Saucony Excursion fall footwear close up
Saucony Excursion with traction-ready grip. Source: Saucony

Not Sure What to Buy? Try These Stylish Examples

Need some fall footwear inspiration for comfortable boots and shoes? We’ve got you covered!  

Light, stylish fall boots and booties are a must for many women. Try the Sorel Lennox Chelsea WP and Ara Debbie for combined comfort and style. 

For hiking adventures and excursions, the Mephisto Nigata-TEX for women and Canyon TEX for men are highly protective choices and keep you on your feet for long hours and help you navigate unpredictable terrain and weather. The ASICS Gel-Sonoma is also designed for outdoor exploration, and the Saucony Excursion is great for trail running in colder temperatures.

Mephisto Nigata Tex Red. Source: Mephisto Canada

Step Into Fall at Feet First Clinic!

Interested in some of the shoes and features we discussed today? Stop by for a shoe fitting with one of our staff members! We’ll be happy to take your fall footwear to the next level!

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