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Can Menopause Lead to Foot Problems?

Menopause and foot health have an indirect relationship. In other words, the symptoms and body changes you experience during this time can eventually cause foot conditions. On the bright side, foot problems during menopause are usually not serious and within one’s control. This is a relief for women who have enough to deal with during this challenging time!

Today we’ll investigate what happens to your feet during menopause and what prevention strategies and foot care routines you can master to keep your feet feeling happy and healthy.

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Hard and Dry Skin 

Studies show that estrogen aids in the prevention of skin aging by retaining moisture. So when menopause hits and estrogen levels drop, the padding on the heel of the feet can become hard and dry over time. This may lead to cracked heels, which may become progressively more painful if you don’t treat them. 

What You Can Do 

Practice a healthy self-care / foot care routine with an emphasis on moisturizing at least twice per day. Try Gehwol medicinal products with added urea.

Burning Feet

While hot flashes and night sweats are not always fully understood by medical experts, for those going through menopause they are very real. Somewhat related are the burning sensations also felt in the feet, which may be caused by poor circulation and dropping estrogen levels. 

What You Can Do

Submerge your feet into a nice, warm (not too hot!) foot bath to help with circulation. Make the most of it by adding a Gehwol bath salt product to the water. You can also work on improving your circulation by practicing easy, low-impact foot exercises.  

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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis and heel pain in menopausal women starts with collagen reduction, according to Foundation Podiatry. This causes less elasticity in the plantar fascia and the resultant pain. Furthermore, menopausal weight gain can cause you to place excessive pressure on the feet and change your walking patterns, causing even more discomfort.

What You Can Do

Orthopedic shoes and custom orthotics can help correct your walking patterns and ease the symptoms of menopausal foot pain. 

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Corns, Blisters and Calluses

Abnormal gait patterns, placing pressure on vulnerable parts of the feet due to weight gain, and less healthy skin can all lead to more painful little nuisances for your feet. Years of wearing ill-fitting shoes are also not doing you any favours when it comes to skin issues for your feet. 

What You Can Do

A chiropodist can remove and smooth corns and calluses, and treat painful blisters. You can also try products like corn and blister pads. Most importantly, you should ensure you always wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes (a shoe fitting can set you up with the right pair).

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