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Feet First Stretch Tutorials Volume 2

May 14, 2021

Feet First’s Instagram feed is chock-full of knowledge and fun. The posts can also be found on our Facebook and Pinterest. With all of the information available on our social platforms, and including our Blog, the team at Feet First wants to help you build a solid foot care regimen and support an overall healthy lifestyle from the ground up.

A Stretch Tutorial series launched at the top of 2021: Regularly stretching and conditioning the muscles in our feet and legs is one of the best ways you can effectively treat and prevent foot pain. It helps you regain muscle strength, rebuild your range of motion, and potentially even reverse the damage caused by many common foot conditions.

Here are the next four stretches in the series to educate you and keep you motivated, demonstrated effectively from the Feet First team leader, Bianca!:

ROUND 5: Downward Facing Dog

Great for:

  • Whole body!
  • Particularly your posterior leg muscles

Starting on all fours, engage your core and hinge your hips and send them up toward the sky. Straighten your arms and legs as best you can, working to flatten your feet in the stretch over time.

Hold the stretch for 15-30 seconds and release. Try out the full Sun Salutation series of stretches in yoga, which the Downward Facing Dog is best known for!


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ROUND 6: Soleus Stretch

Great for:

  • Soleus (part of the Achilles Tendon)
  • Tight Calves

Leaning forward, with hands placed on a wall, step one foot back, driving that heel into the floor. Hold for 3o-60 seconds and switch!


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ROUND 7: Toe Curl

Great for:

  • Tops of Feet
  • Toe Mobility

Repeat x3-4 times


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ROUND 8: Forward Leg Swings

Great for: 

  • Loosening the Hips and Mobility
  • Pre-squat sessions or Running

Easy as pie! Standing straight, with your opposite hand on the wall if you need stability, begin to swing your leg front to back like a pendulum.



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Want to Learn Some More Stretches Specific to Your Needs?

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