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How To Treat Blisters

We’ve all been there, at the end of a particularly dragged out day you start to notice your heels, soles or toes feel sore, almost like there is a small cut on your feet. In actuality, it is highly likely that the ever-so-common blister has developed. Blisters are small, fluid-filled bubbles on the upper most layer of the skin. The blisters on your feet are most often caused by friction from shoes, although they can also occur as a result of extreme temperatures, chemical exposure, and certain medical conditions. Increased moisture or damp conditions increase the chance of a blister forming. The blister forms to protect and cushion the layers of skin underneath it, allowing the skin time to heal. The fluid within the blister can also vary from plasma-like fluid leaking from the cells as the top layer separates from the layer beneath it, to blood and even pus, depending on the cause. If a small blood vessel at the surface of the skin ruptures, blood will leak in to the blister, giving it a dark bluish-purple appearance.

A close-up view on the underside of a human foot. Details of the dead skin from a large healing blister. Hurt or injured feet.

How Can Blisters Be Treated?

More often than not, blisters will resolve on their own with time. Although it is tempting to pop and peel them, try to leave them alone. The roof of a blister helps to protect your skin from infection and removing it prematurely results in a wound. If you leave them alone, you will find that as new skin grows underneath it, the fluid inside the blister with reabsorb into the skin and the roof of the blister will dry and peel off naturally. Furthermore, the following will help you deal with the blister:

  • While the blister is fresh, wear shoes that reduce pressure in the area of concern.
  • Avoid the shoes that caused them in the first place. Bad shoes that are ill-fitting are a common culprit.
  • Covering it with a band-aid or gauze will provide added protection.

Please note: If you’re prone to blisters and you have Diabetes, you should ensure that you see a Chiropodist so they can assess your feet and treat them accordingly. Additional measures may need to be taken to ensure blisters do not reoccur, as they put you at risk for additional complications. 

Tips For Preventing Future Blisters:

Blisters may seem like a small problem, but they can be rather painful. Pain with every step throughout your day can really impact your quality of your life! You can read even more detailed information about blisters here. Meanwhile, here are some tips that can help you prevent future blisters:

  • Ensure you are wearing shoes that fit your feet properly and snugly.
  • If you have a new pair of shoes, gradually break them in. This is better than wearing them for a long day the first time you decide to wear them.
  • Reduce the moisture in your feet by always wearing socks while wearing closed toe shoes.
  • Opt for moisture-wicking socks, especially during exercise.
  • Apply foot powders either directly on the foot or even sprinkling some in your socks if your feet tend to perspire excessively.
  • If you know you are prone to blisters at a certain area on your foot, be proactive and apply a piece of moleskin to reduce friction.

Adhesive Plaster on Heel

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