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Implementing Gait Correction: The Mind-Body Connection

In our current culture, people are becoming more and more conscious of the relationship between body and mind. Folks who undertake this process tend to find that there is a much closer relationship between body and mind than previously suspected and that it is difficult to distinguish between the two. While the deeper implications of this can be left to the spiritual and philosophical realms, our interest in the mind-body connection mostly pertains to its application in implementing gait therapy.

At Feet First Clinic, we see patients with warts, circulation issues, varicose veins, plantar fasciitis and folks in need of properly fitted footwear in Toronto – the list goes on and on. While some of these conditions can be remedied through administering a treatment, correcting gait issues is something that the patient has to be deeply involved in themselves.

Our cutting-edge video gait analysis system allows our experts to understand exactly where the transformational zones of your movement patterns are and recommend adjustments accordingly. However, we cannot change your patterns for you – this must be undertaken as an independent exercise (with our support, of course).

What Does Gait Therapy Have to do with Mind-Body? 

Once we’ve identified the problem, the transformative process begins. While cutting custom orthotics can certainly mitigate the issue, the only thing that will get at the root cause is changing the way you move. Without developing a strong awareness of how you move moment-to-moment, this may well prove impossible.


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Why do Gait Issues Create Pain & Reduce Mobility?

You probably know that nobody’s body is perfectly symmetrical, but at the same time, the way we balance our weight when we move has huge implications – if we’re favouring one side too much or compensating for an injury, it can throw everything off and wreak havoc. The muscles that compensate are overworked and become trigger points. Even though the root of the problem is often the movement of your legs and feet, the rest of your body still pays the price.

From the Clinic to the Streets

Our friendly, professional foot chiropodists have an incredibly deep knowledge of optimal gait patterns and can help you understand how to coordinate your body to slowly make the changes required. By watching you move, consulting the videos and having you repeat an exercise again and again, we can set you on the right path.

Once you leave the clinic, however, you need to focus on maintaining these movements. Because our movements patterns are largely unconscious, and typically the mind wanders when we’re perambulating, it requires much patience and persistence. Fortunately, there are lots of opportunities to practice. When you decide to consult a foot clinic in Toronto regarding your gait issue, the experts at Feet First Clinic will be ready to help!

Tips & Tricks

In a sense, implementing a new movement pattern is a bit like meditating – your mind is bound to wander, and the technique is to come back without getting frustrated. When you walk, try and focus on your movement for as long as possible. When you’re inevitable distracted by daily concerns, just dust yourself and bring your attention back to the movement. Over time you will see results.

Whether you’re seeking plantar fasciitis treatment in Toronto, gait correction or a new pair of quality shoes, Feet First should be your go to. Call us today!

Here’s to Many More Years of Foot Care!

At Feet First Clinic, we’re always excited to welcome new clients! After a successful 12 years of treating our amazing patients, we’re ready to continue offering only the best foot care services and products. Give us a call to ask our friendly staff any questions you may have! Our Toronto foot specialists are ready to help!

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