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Primary Movement Patterns And You

Published: April 8, 2018

Last modified: July 11, 2019

At our Toronto foot care clinic on the main strip of Bloor West Village, we are constantly encouraging patients to take care of their own feet after they leave a treatment. Because the feet are so far away from the control center of the body, they are often forgotten and neglected until they start causing problems. Whether you suffer from pain resulting from a gait issue, corns on your feet or varicose veins and poor blood flow, there are a plethora of preventative measures you can take to keep those feet happy and healthy between visits to our expert foot chiropodists.

Between exercise, mental health, stretching and managing children and personal relationships outside of work, we realize that most people in our busy city don’t have a ton of time for foot maintenance. We find that the trick is to set aside ten minutes every few days – or even once a week – to treat the feet and make sure they aren’t afflicted with plantar warts or toenail fungus. On a day-to-day basis most people can also make better decisions for their feet in order to promote and maintain good health and strength.

For the remainder of this post we will explore five great strategies:

Wash Those Feet Thoroughly

Because it involves leaning over in the shower, many don’t bother to wash their feet regularly. Even if you need to sit down on the ledge of the bathtub and use a brush with a long handle, it’s important to get under there and between the toes on a regular basis. Not only will you feel cleaner and happier, you’ll also ward off fungus and athlete’s foot and accomplish a bit of light exfoliation. Be sure to dry thoroughly before you pop your socks on!

Moisturize in Winter

In Toronto’s dry winter climate, a little bit of moisturizer goes a long way. Once you’ve dried your feet after bathing, slap on some standard body lotion (if want to get luxurious, try this Intense Fissure Cream by Camillen 60). You may be thinking to yourself I never use moisturizer and my feet are fine, well, try applying moisturizer and see how fast your feet absorb it. Your feet will feel so much better on a daily basis and you’ll be amazed you put up with dry winter feet for so long.

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Foot File Rejuvenation

Scrubbing your feet with a foot file will exfoliate and rid them of all that excess dead skin!

Arch Support Vs. Barefoot

In the past decade, you’ve probably noticed the trend of five-finger shoes. If your feet are reasonably healthy and strong, going barefoot or wearing these minimal protective shoes can promote strength and balance, but most folks need good arch support the majority of the time. Listen to your body and your feet and decide whether or not exercising barefoot is right for you.

Careful Of Cuts And Locker Rooms

Fungus can enter your foot through the tiniest of cuts and fissures, so even if you think your feet are free from open cuts, you should always wear sandals in the locker room at the gym. Feet First Clinic offers the best toenail fungus treatments in the city, but preventing the problem is always better than fixing it.

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