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Cold Weather Footwear Guide

Stay Comfortable this Winter: Cold Weather Footwear Guide

Winter’s chill may be invigorating but can also send shivers down your spine. It’s therefore a top priority to keep your feet warm and cozy. As the temperature drops and the snowflakes fall, the choice of footwear becomes a crucial component of staying comfortable in the cold. But don’t worry, you don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth.

In this comprehensive cold-weather footwear guide, we walk you through the best choices for winter footwear, from boots to socks so that you can embrace the season’s beauty without a second thought about frozen toes. Say goodbye to chilly discomfort and hello to a cozy, fashionable winter.

What makes winter footwear unique?

Before we dive into the world of winter boots and socks, it’s essential to recognize why proper cold-weather footwear matters. Winter footwear typically includes many, if not all, of the following features.


Winter footwear is warmer than any other seasonal footwear. Cold feet can be not only uncomfortable but also potentially dangerous. Prolonged exposure to cold temperatures increases the risk of frostbite, so keeping your feet warm is essential for overall well-being.


Winter footwear boasts better traction than other footwear. December to March months often come with slippery sidewalks and icy roads. The proper footwear offers the traction needed to prevent slips and falls, reducing the risk of injury.


Winter shoes protect your feet from the elements, including cold, wet, and snow. The boot’s protective layer keeps your feet dry and comfortable.


Cold weather can bring added stress to your feet, so comfortable footwear with proper cushioning and insulation is crucial for a pleasant winter experience. Due to being heavier and rigid, expect winter footwear to feel more rugged than your spring, summer, and fall footwear.

How to choose your perfect winter footwear

Cold Weather Footwear Guide

Your perfect winter boot or footwear exists. It’s just a matter of finding your match. Consider the following when deciding between boots this winter.

Winter features: Invest in high-quality winter boots designed to keep your feet warm and dry. Look for boots with insulation, waterproof materials, and slip-resistant soles.

Socks: What you wear on your feet is a crucial component of the whole winter footwear package. Choose moisture-wicking, insulating socks to keep your feet warm and dry. Wool socks are an excellent choice for winter as they provide insulation while wicking moisture away from your feet.

Sizing: Ensure your winter boots have extra room for thicker socks. A snug fit can reduce warmth, so select boots that allow for additional sock layers.

Proper Lacing: Ensure your boots are laced or fastened correctly. Properly laced boots provide better support and warmth by preventing cold air from entering.

Waterproofing: Apply a waterproof spray or conditioner to your boots. Waterproofing adds a layer of protection and helps prolong the life of your boots or shoes. Reapply this treatment periodically throughout the winter.

Traction Aids: For particularly icy conditions, consider adding traction aids or slip-on ice cleats to your boots for improved grip and safety.

Fashion and Style: You don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth. Many winter boots come in fashionable designs that keep you cozy and on-trend.

Our top picks: Comfortable footwear for Toronto winters

Now, for what boot to pick? Below, you’ll find our top picks for winter footwear, all available at our Bloor Street West location in Toronto.

Sorel IV Tivoli Parc Boot WP

The Sorel IV Parc Boot WP, renowned for its exceptional cold-weather performance, is a quintessential winter boot designed to keep your feet warm and dry in the harshest conditions. Its waterproof synthetic upper and seam-sealed construction protects against wet and slush environments, while the removable felt liner ensures remarkable insulation even in frigid temperatures. These boots are temperature-rated to withstand extreme cold, and their rugged outsole with a multidirectional lug pattern offers exceptional traction on icy terrain. With its classic style and versatility, the Sorel IV Parc Boot WP is a trusted companion for those who brave the coldest winter elements while maintaining a sense of enduring fashion.

Portofino ID1673

The Portofino ID1673 unisex winter boot is waterproof and lined with natural wool to keep your feet warm and cozy. The double zippers and laces allow for an optimal fit and comfort. The removable insole allows you to insert your orthotics.

Portofino MS105

Portofino MS105

The Portofino MS105 women’s winter boot features a line bootie and is available in several colours. The outer is suede, and the winter boot is water-resistant, protecting you from the cold and the slush.

Superfeet Insoles

Supefeet Insoles

You can also supplement your winter footwear with custom orthotics or Superfeet insoles. Winter boots are not always orthopedic, so if you want added support, most winter boots have a removeable insole and the extra foot and toe room to accommodate for the inserts.

Don't let winter conditions slow you down

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from enjoying the beauty of winter; instead, let this footwear guide you on your frosty adventures.

Choose your favourite footwear at Toronto’s Feet First Clinic. Call us at (416) 769-3338, book an appointment online, or walk in for a complimentary shoe fitting session.

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