Which Superfeet Insole Is Right For Me?

Sometimes our shoes need that extra layer of comfort and resiliency to protect us from foot pain. For those already experiencing foot pain, you should take the time to invest in proper foot care right away. You may think Custom Orthotics are the only way to go, which can be true at times. That being said, Superfeet insoles are another option that can help with a wide range of Foot conditions. With this in mind, Feet First Clinic is proud to offer Superfeet insoles, which provide comfort and stability to anyone who needs them.

Superfeet offers a wide array of insoles that all provide relief and support. Not only suitable for foot pain, high-quality insoles have also been credited with helping conditions like back pain. They’re also favourable for those with flat feet or a high arch. Some are more tailored for different needs and activities, and we’ll go over that today with you. Categorized by their colours, we’ll discuss the following Superfeet insoles with the hope that you can find the right one for you:

  • Berry
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Carbon
  • Black DMP


Footcare experts recommend the Superfeet Berry insole for women. It is designed to accommodate the female foot, which characteristically has a slimmer heel. The arch length is also catered to support women. If you’re a busy woman who spends long hours on her feet, whether it be for work or physical activity, this may be the insole for you.

Superfeet Berry also comes with foam cushioning, allowing all of your footwear to feel exceptionally comfortable and preventing foot pain.  The odour-control coating also fights bacteria from causing unpleasant foot odour. Lastly, like any good insole, the Superfeet Berry provides excellent shock absorption while running. These are just a handful of the benefits that come with the Superfeet Berry!


The Superfeet Black insole is arguably the most adaptable insole we’ll discuss today! While fitting snugly inside a wide range of footwear types, this insole will reduce foot pain, knee pain and ankle pain for those who spend a lot of time on their feet. Just like the Berry insole, it provides shock absorption and an odour-control coating. Superfeet insoles, including Superfeet Black, can last for up to 12 months, making them a wise purchase when it comes to foot care.


Superfeet Blue provides substantial relief for those with Flat Feet or Plantar Fasciitis, despite its slightly thinner design. Like other designs, it lets you stay active for hours without foot pain. This thinner insole may be suitable for those who want the same relief and comfort but may need to accommodate a lighter pair of shoes. The heel cup positions the foot in the right place, allowing you to enjoy a normal gait. Like other Superfeet insoles, the blue design’s construction allows for it to be long lasting and to hold its exact shape for 12 months.


The Superfeet Carbon insole is arguably the highest quality product offered by Superfeet. It is designed specifically for those interested in optimal performance enhancement. While still being lightweight, the Superfeet Carbon insole stands out with its “carbon fibre-reinforced stabilizer cap with a durable, ultralight foam layer.” Superfeet notes that the Carbon insole is especially suitable for running shoes and cleats. The trademark Superfeet features, such as foam cushioning, the resilient shape and the heel cup, are also present.

Black DMP

Need extra comfort for your favourite dress shoes? Look no further than the Superfeet Black DMP. They can also fit snugly into many other types of footwear. This version of the insole comes with a layer of memory foam, perfect for those with highly sensitive feet. Equipped with all of the classic Superfeet features, you may want to opt for this insole if you’ve had trouble with insoles in the past and have found them to be uncomfortable. If you need that extra layer of comfort, you can talk to your Chiropodist about the Black DMP insole.

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