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Staying Safe Through the Necessary Winter Duties

Winter has made its first appearance. With a blast of snow blanketing our fair region, I shoveled not one but two driveways and have the aches to prove it. My greatest fear as the snow begins to fall is its companion, ice. 

The thought of slipping and falling (since I have done it so many times) is a rational fear of mine. That instant shock that is so jarring to the body starts with losing your footing and depending on how you land, I hope it’s somewhere on your body that has a little extra cushioning. 

Mature man cleans snow in front of house

Having proper winter footwear is crucial, especially in these Canadian winters of ours. Luckily Feet First has your feet covered! Browse our product catalogues and feel free to connect with us over our current stock. We will help you to ensure you find boots that not only have a proper tread but keep your feet warm and comfy. 

During these winter months upon us, it is crucial to exercise proper judgment and mobility when you are outside. If you are more prone to the cold hitting your fingers like me but have a lifelong aversion to gloves, at the very least wear a toque. When I was out shoveling, the snow was surprisingly dense. Ideal for making a snowperson (to be politically correct) but not so great if you’re hustling to clear the driveway before others get home. I knew the best thing I could do for myself to alleviate future pain was to fully engage my core and keep my feet as firmly planted as possible. That way, even if I am torquing my back around, I know that I am supporting that movement as best I can. 

Let’s say you are outside playing with the kids and they want you to come into their snow fort with them. When they fall, the impact is much lighter, but if an adult falls, it’s “timber!” Down goes the old oak tree. So you want to ensure your footwear at least offers you a little more support and connectivity with the slippery ground beneath you. What if you are out walking your dog? And they pull a little too strong when seeing a squirrel on your next step? If you are wearing a good tread, that likelihood lessens, and for your sake, I hope you have a smaller breed. 

Woman with her dog at sunset

On that note, as we move into the season of giving, though here at Feet First we believe that giving is to be marked on every day on the calendar, we want to take a moment to shout out The Canadian Courage Project. The mission this non-profit organization has is to support Toronto homeless youth and their four-legged companions. Through compassion and understanding of financial burdens and mental health issues faced, we understand the importance of animals from a therapeutic perspective, but also how they deserve to receive unconditional love. The project aims to offer donated food, funds for vaccinations, hygiene products, and essential items to all animal companions. 

As an animal lover, I can attest to how important my two pampered cats are to me, especially when I’m feeling down. I am the type of person that out in the world stops and yells “dog!” Every. Single. Time. So as I was out shovelling today and I was waving hello to the two dogs next door who were catching snowflakes in their mouths, I was strategizing a safe passage to go roll around with them. I forgot, just for a moment, how I could not feel my fingertips. Surely the warmth of their fur under my hands would save me and it would have all been worthwhile. So to be a person fortunate enough to have pets I love, and we all have a warm place to feel safe, learning of The Canadian Courage Project today after my morning of shovelling felt pertinent to support and share. You can donate to them directly on their website. We can look out for our own and others this time of year and all year round! 

Winter time

Looking for New Winter Boots for Your Necessary Outdoor Activities?

We have a great selection that offers both reliability and fashion statement. If you are averse to the winter weather, add a little bounce in your step with some boots!

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