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Foot Odour


What Is Foot Odour?

Foot odour has a pungent smell and is often a sign of fungal or bacterial overgrowth.

What Are The Symptoms Of Foot Odour?

Feet can be malodorous at a close range and odour is usually accompanied by sweating.

How Do I Treat Foot Odour?

Foot odour treatment may include:
  • Anti-odour creams or sprays
  • Wearing cotton or wool socks
  • Rotate between two to three pairs of shoes throughout the week ensuring shoes thoroughly dry between uses
  • Change socks once or more per day when feet become sweaty
  • Check for underlying causes of bacterial or fungal infections that require medical treatment
Risk Factors

What Can Cause Foot Odor?

Certain risk factors may increase your chances of getting developing foot odor:


What Causes Foot Odour?

The main cause of foot odour is sweaty feet (see plantar hyperhidrosis) and odour is exacerbated by any factors that increase sweating such as:
  • Wearing socks or hosiery made from synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon
  • Wearing closed-toed shoes without socks
  • Wearing shoes made from materials that have poor ventilation, such as rubber, leather, and synthetics

How Do I Prevent Foot Odour?

To prevent foot odour:
  • Wear cotton or wool socks
  • Change your socks frequently so they stay clean and dry
  • Wear socks with your shoes to avoid the accumulation of oil, dirt, and dead skin cells in your footwear
  • Remove your shoes throughout the day if your feet start feeling too toasty
  • Use a foot file to remove dead skin from your feet
  • Use anti-perspirant foot spray
  • Apply anti-odour creams
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