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Medical Pedicures

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What is a Medical Pedicure?

Keeping our bodies healthy also means keeping our feet healthy.  Foot health is a very important – but often neglected – part of our overall health, and requires proper care.  

A medical pedicure addresses this by treating the toenails and skin of the feet, while tending to any emerging foot concerns. It is a therapeutic pedicure (without the nail polish) performed by a qualified foot specialist. You can think of our medical pedicure service like a comprehensive full-service maintenance package for happy and healthy feet.

During a medical pedicure, our skilled chiropodists will do the following:

  • Take a medical history for any underlying foot issues or concerns.
  • Thoroughly examine your feet for proper circulation, nerve function, signs of infection, and any skin issues or abnormalities, such as warts, calluses or fungal infections.
  • Carefully clean your feet with alcohol so your chiropodist can proceed with a cleansed base and kill any bacteria.
  • Properly trim and file the toenails in order to treat and prevent ingrown toenails, ensure smooth even edges, and promote proper nail growth.
  • Clean underneath the nails to eliminate any onychophosis (the buildup of skin cells in the nail folds, nail plate and cuticles.  This is a common issue with age, which causes thickened toenails and can lead to other problems).
  • Safely soften or remove thickened calluses, painful corns and dead skin buildup.
  • Apply an intense moisturization treatment with high-quality medical strength moisturizing products. In addition to leaving your feet soft and smooth, effective moisturizing strengthens the skin, restores elasticity and can help ward off several skin conditions.

At your medical pedicure, the chiropodist will also:

  • Address any complaints of pain and/or discomfort
  • Address and treat any other nail or skin issues and abnormalities, wounds, infections or fungus.
  • Provide education and advice on foot care, foot health and how to care for any foot issues found during the treatment.

Routine medical pedicures are highly recommended for patients who are prone to foot issues, or have diabetes.

Although a medical pedicure isn’t quite the same as a “spa day”,  it is still very relaxing and feels great afterwards.  It is also more sanitary than a cosmetic pedicure and performed using medical-grade instruments and an intense sterilization process.  

Medical pedicures are covered by many private health insurance companies. See the “Insurance and Coverage” section below for more information. 

To get started on your path to healthy feet, book your medical pedicure today with our online booking form or call us at 416-769-FEET(3338) – no referral required!

Purpose & Benefits

Why Should I Get A Medical Pedicure?

Healthy skin and nails on the feet serve preventative and therapeutic purposes: If our nails and the skin on our feet are supple and strong, they are less vulnerable to issues such as foot fungus, cracked toenails, calluses, corns, blisters, etc.

In addition, proper foot care (via a medical pedicure) can also help prevent a variety of musculoskeletal and biomechanical issues. For example, ingrown or overgrown toenails, painful calluses and blisters can affect the way we use our feet when we move, which alters our gait.  This can lead to biomechanical issues, and in turn, muscle and joint pain.

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Conditions Treated


To book your medical pedicure, you can contact our office at 416-769-3338, or use our online booking form. No referral is required.

At your appointment the chiropodist will take a medical history and inquire as to any foot-related issues or concerns you have.  The chiropodist will then ensure these issues are addressed during the pedicure.

Insurance Coverage

A medical pedicure is considered a chiropodist foot care service and is not covered by OHIP.  

Most chiropodist services are covered by private extended health benefits.

If you are unsure about your benefits and coverage for chiropodist services, you can contact your insurance company directly, or check with your employer’s HR department to receive a breakdown of your policy. 

The most accurate and sure-proof way to check your coverage is to contact your insurance company directly. We strongly recommend that you contact your insurance company directly to verify your coverage prior to your appointment. 

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