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Arch Support Essentials: The Key to Foot Comfort and Health

Arch support is a critical design and structural element within a shoe. Shoe technologies, such as contoured footbeds and targeted cushioning, often provide arch support, making it one of the most crucial aspects of comfortable footwear. Let’s explore who arch support is for, and why it’s so vital.

Why Is Arch Support Important?

The foot’s arch consists of bones, tendons, and ligaments, which form a natural curve that helps distribute the body’s weight evenly. The thing is, there are different foot arch types. It may be a normal arch, or you could have flat feet (where the curve is virtually non-existent), and high arches (characterized by an exaggerated curve).

Flat feet and high arches can compromise your foot health if you don’t accommodate them, so it should be a top priority during the footwear selection process. Both need arch support equally, but for different reasons.

People with flat feet need arch support to make up for the lack of curvature in the foot and to stabilize its movements and reduce overpronation (foot rolls inward when walking). High archers need support to help relieve pressure on the ball and heel of the foot and to reduce supination (foot rolls outward when walking). Both need support to prevent foot conditions and injuries, including the following: 

Research also shows that flat footers experience more pressure during movement because the midfoot, responsible for shock absorption, takes on more force due to the lack of an arch. This can lead to knee and back pain

What to Look For

Securing comfortable footwear almost always entails finding shoes with good arch support. But where do you start?

First, examine your shoes before buying them. Keep your eyes peeled for contoured footbeds that align with your arch and find shoes with ample cushioning and firm support under the arch.

Of course, knowing what to look for can be difficult if you aren’t a shoe expert! In that case, do your shopping at a foot clinic like Feet First Clinic, where you can ask knowledgeable staff members for their insight. During a shoe fitting session, they will guide you towards finding the perfect pair. 

Looking for Shoes with Enough Arch Support?

Come to Feet First Clinic to find your dream pair of shoes today, and why not also schedule an appointment with a chiropodist for help managing flat feet or high arches?  Call us at (416) 769-3338, book an appointment online, or walk in for a complimentary shoe fitting session!

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