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Expert Tips for Finding Shoes That Love Your Feet

At Feet First Clinic, we know a thing or two about shoe shopping tips.

Finding comfortable footwear is important for maintaining foot health, but some people think it’s impossible to find supportive shoes with stylish flair. Fortunately, most quality brands know the key to constructing comfortable and stylish footwear; you just have to know what to look for. 

A crucial part of foot care advice is teaching people how to find shoes they love, and that love their feet back, so let’s get to it with our top shoe shopping tips! 

Top Shoe Shopping Tips

  • Know your foot type
  • Consider your activities
  • Look for quality construction, technologies and materials
  • Pay attention to cushioning
  • Check for breathability
  • Ensure the perfect fit
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Know Your Foot Type

First thing’s first, do you have flat feet, a normal arch, or high arches? Sometimes active people with flat feet need stability running shoes, which control movement while maintaining a level of flexibility. Because of this flexibility, stability shoes can be a good alternative to the more rigid and stiff motion control shoe

The design of stability shoes aims to provide a safe platform for the foot which would otherwise cause overpronation (excessive inward rolling of the foot). This can help flat footers reduce the risk of injuries or strain on the ankles and knees. People with high or normal arches can look for shoes without extra stability features, AKA neutral shoes

Consider Your Activities

This shoe shopping tip is a given, but important to reiterate. For example, running shoes have different features than walking shoes that factor in the specific way your feet hit the ground during running. Likewise, if you need a shoe for a job that keeps you standing all day long, make sure you accommodate that too. Check out how to choose the best footwear for your job

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Look for Quality Construction, Materials and Technologies

There’s nothing worse than a shoe that doesn’t last long. To avoid this, look for well-constructed shoes with sturdy soles, durable materials, and good stitching. 

Top quality brands also implement unique shoe technologies that add extra comfort and protection for your feet. Some examples include waterproof GORE-TEX fabric, cork footbeds, and EVA midsoles. Learn more about the pros and cons of shoe materials and technologies here

It’s also important to note that if your chiropodist recommends custom orthotics, you should try to find shoes with removable insoles. 

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Pay Attention to Cushioning

The level of cushioning varies between shoes. Consider the amount of cushioning you need based on your foot type, the activities you do, and any specific comfort requirements. People with chronic joint and foot pain, high arches, mobility restrictions, diabetes, and seniors may need more cushioning than people with no foot concerns. 

Check for Breathability

Shoes with breathable materials can help keep your feet dry and comfortable. Promoting a healthy foot environment can also ward off issues like foot odour. This is particularly important if you’re engaging in activities that cause your feet to sweat more than usual. If you think you need a breathable shoe, look for runners made with mesh fabric with minuscule holes on the upper that let air flow through the shoe. 

Ensure the Perfect Fit

Shoes that don’t fit properly can be linked back to virtually every foot condition

First, measure your feet to see if they have changed in size. Next, find a shoe that fits well and leaves a small amount of wiggle room in the toe box. There should be about a finger’s width of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. This allows room for natural foot movement and prevents toe cramping. Another expert tip: make sure you’re standing straight and upright when checking the toe space: Our feet move forward when we stand up, so checking toe space when you’re sitting won’t tell you anything about how a shoe fits when you’re actually walking around. You should also make sure your heel is at the back of the shoe and use the laces to secure your foot into the correct position: if your foot is not secured properly, it may slide forward when you walk, which can make you think that a shoe is too small when it’s not.

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Looking For The Perfect Pair?

Come to Feet First Clinic for a shoe fitting to guarantee your next pair of shoes are right for you. Don’t forget to consult our shoe shopping checklist and book an appointment with a chiropodist to go the extra mile! Call us at (416) 769-3338 or book an appointment using the form below or the button at the top of your browser!

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